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450 Talks About Being A “Gyal Thief” In New Single

Dancehall Artist 450 has been enjoying a rather fruitful 2021. With the single “Imperfections” catapulting him into stardom since its release in June, 450 has become a name everyone quickly got familiar with. The follow up single “Journey”, which was released in August, found him gaining the respect of many major players in Jamaican music, and he has steadily gained new fans around the world. With his music streams growing daily across all digital music streaming platforms and his music video views grossing in the millions, 450 has proven that his career is not a fluke, and more hits are on the way. Following the success of “Imperfections” and “Journey”, he steps out with the release of his latest single, “Gyal Thief”.

Produced by Falcon of Tru Ambassador Entertainment, 450 introduces his “gyallis” side to the world as he proclaims proudly that he has ways of stealing someone’s woman. He shares that he has a particular set of skills that will make a woman fall in love with him, and his reputation as an “Ole Gyal Tief” has traveled near and far. 450 exudes great confidence on “Gyal Thief”, and the bouncy production compliments his catchy lyrics very well. A promotional campaign in support of the single will commence shortly. The success that 450 found in 2021 shows enough promise that his 2022 will be even greater. He looks forward to “Gyal Thief” gaining support from listeners old and new, and he encourages them to keep the song prominent through Playlists, Social Media posts, and DJ requests.

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450’s Career Continues To Trend With “Journey”.

Having enjoyed his name being in the spotlight for weeks thanks to his hit single, “Imperfection, Dancehall Artist 450 is aiming for a longer stay. Since the release of the single on June 7, 450 has been receiving co-signs from many of the major players in the Jamaican music scene. He has also gained a consistent endorsement from many on Social Media, and has been enjoying heavy rotation on some of the best musical platforms worldwide. With the growing success, 450’s new single “Journey” is onboard to further solidify his presence on the music scene.

Produced by DWH Records, “Journey” is a dedication to the haters as 450 speaks about the progress he’s making in his life on “Journey”, while having to deal with people who don’t mean him well. The song comes at a time where he starts to see a lot more success in his career, in addition to experiencing the challenges that may come with that success. Regardless of his experiences, he knows he deserves to be where he is, and he vows not to change who he is, protect his energy from those who wish to steal it, and put in the necessary work to continue staying successful. The single was released on August 6, and has been trending ever since with a #6 placement on Youtube with over 200,000 views, a “Top Songs” feature on streaming platform Audiomack, and a #3 placement on Apple Music’s “Top 25” chart for Kingston, Jamaica, a placement that is also shared with his “Imperfection” single which holds the #2 spot. The single has enjoyed thousands of streams on other platforms, and has been heavily shared by fans on the Instagram platform through posts in their feeds, and in their “Stories”. 450 is very grateful for the love he has been receiving for “Journey”, and has hinted that he has more music for the people on the way. Plans for an official music video for “Journey” is currently in development.

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450 Makes An Impact With “Imperfections” Single

Rising Recording Artist 450 is steadily making his way up to becoming a prominent fixture in Jamaica’s music scene. In a short space of time, he has managed to release singles that have quickly gained popularity, and praise from some of the big names in music. With hard hitting lyrics and great charisma and energy, 2021 may end with him being placed high on a few lists. With his new single, “Imperfections”, he may be connecting with the people in a whole different way.

Produced by Week.day of Tru Ambassador Entertainment, 450 shows vulnerability on “Imperfections” by sharing some of the wrongs he has committed in his life. Despite these actions coming back to affect him negatively, he admits he’s not perfect, and he’s remorseful on all that he has done to hurt those close to him. Since the song’s release on June 7, it has been quickly embraced by the public for its very relatable content, scored thousands of plays across various music streaming platforms, and has received endorsements by the likes of Irie FM’s DJ Bryan, Footballer/Producer Kyle Butler, Dancehall Artiste Dovey Magnum, Tru Ambassador Entertainment boss Jahvy Ambassador, and many others. 

Accompanying the “Imperfections” single is a music video shot by Damaniac Visualz and directed by Jahvy Ambassador (Tru Ambassador Entertainment), and it finds 450 secluded to the hills to be one with his thoughts, looking back at the bad choices he’s made in life, and contemplating ending it all. Since the video’s release, it earned a place in the “Trending” section on Youtube, and is currently peaking at #8 in the “Music” section for Jamaica amassing over 300,000 views. 450 plans to extend the global reach for “Imperfections” in the coming weeks, and is working on a follow up single.

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