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Chronic Law Shares “Kin Of Fraudulence” Short Film

Chronic Law is King when it comes to the content. He still holds strong as the hardest working Dancehall Artist, with singles and Music Videos dropping at a rapid rate. What’s next you say for Chronic Law, Short Films? Well, he has made that happen with the release of, “Kin Of Fraudulence“.

Directed by Jesse James and written by Zbek Nelson, “Kin Of Fraudulence” features Chronic Law playing the role of a prominent figure known as “Fada Dark“, whose day to day life took a sudden change with the kidnapping of his Daughter. Based off the CollectDiBred Entertainment-produced “Nuh Trust Dem“, the “Law Boss” gets into Gangster mode and recruits “Unknown”, who is played by Nelson, to retrieve his Daughter, and get rid of the Kidnappers. The Short Film promises to be an entertaining watch, and the theme of “Trust” is very evident here.  We expect “KOF” to kick off a trend for others to follow shortly. Watch to the end below.

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1Biggs Don Shares His “Story” In New Single!

Manchester Dancehall Artist 1Biggs Don has been having a great year. With his “Bwoii Affi” freestyle making him a viral sensation, he has been keeping the momentum going with a string of single and video releases. His latest piece of content finds him going in another direction. This time around, he shares his “Story“.

In collaboration with CollectDiBred Entertainment, 1Biggs Don gets a lil serious in the Shane Creative directed, “Story”. While fame is something that relatively new for him, he never forgot about the struggles before the change in his life. He aspires for more success, and he’s ready to show his Mother, the doubters, and the rest of the world his greatness. The viral sensation has been busy taking the stage in Jamaica and parts of the Caribbean, endorsing a few businesses, and making new music to keep the fans happy. Stay tuned for even more from 1Biggs Don.

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