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.@KyngTavii Hunts For Gold In New Video!

The topic of Gold being found in Jamaica popped up earlier this month, and like a certain type of Gold, the public  is being made into a fool due to false reporting. While many found themselves digging up disappointments, Comedian Kyng Tavii may have been given a stroke of luck as he struck the precious metal in the new video called, “Mi Find Gold“.

Accompanied by a fellow digger, Kyng Tavii found himself deep in the land on the hunt for Gold. After much digging, he came across a piece, but had to test it to ensure its authenticity. Thanks to the help of his friend, the discovery was the real deal, and some money is in the digger’s future. How would this scenario end? You’d have to watch to the end. Kyng Tavii has been on a comeback trail over the past few months, and thanks to the release of new music and skits and repairing the friendship between him and Prince Pine, Tavii is in rare form. He has struck his own kind of Gold here that will appreciate in value over time.

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.@KyngTavii Stands Out On New Single, “Ahhrite”!

It’s no secret that many of our favourite Social Media personalities have ventured into music. The likes of Prince Pine, Twani Price, Nitro Immortal, and Swizzz are just a few who have made the move. Kyng Tavii is another who has ventured into music, but it hasn’t been new for him. Since 2016, we were introduced to “Foodkaline“, and Tavii has sprinkled pieces of original music in his skits, and during a time when he took a break from Comedy. With the renewed energy and love that has stepped his way recently, he gets back to business. This time around, we get the new track, “Ahhrite“.

Produced by Khywellfryy, Kyng Tavii continues to show that he’ll pretty multi-faceted. Music was always a part of him, and he has proven that with previous releases. Over some Guitar based production, he’s going with the Universe, and show off his skillset. He speaks on some of his experiences, shares what naysayers have said to him, and steps with his best foot forward with sharp lyrics, and a flow that took some dedication to develop. He may be a Comedian, but with his deejaying/rapping skills, he can stand with some of the best of them out. Don’t box Tavii into a corner, watch him make moves.

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Catch @Kevin2woKrayzee In The “Solace” Short Film!

You have enjoyed his Comedy skits, you have seen many pieces of his content go viral over the years, and he is one of the early Creatives in what we know as Social Media Comedy. Kevin2woKrayzee has been doing it for a number of years, and has expanded his reach in numerous ways. His contributions have inspired fellow Social Media Entertainers, and he continues to elevate. Earlier today, he shared an early look into the new Short Film, “Solace“.

Anticipated for quite some time and premiered in 2021, “Solace” is a Short Film that puts Kevin2woKrayzee in the spotlight. Directed by Acroscopic Studios, “Solace” is set in the countryside of rural Jamaica where Jeffery, a hard working father of one, suddenly finds himself in a less than desirable situation. Faced with a new reality unlike any hardship he has ever had to endure, the furniture maker sets out on a journey that could end with the worst possible heartbreak. While he’s no stranger to acting as he has been involved in a few Short Films and TV Shows, Kevin is bound to find himself on major platforms in the near future. Who knows? He might appear in an award winning Film, or even pop up on a Netflix series. This is only part 1 of “Solace”, and Kevin looks to update with the following episodes in the coming weeks. Happy watching!

Check out our Kevin2woKrayzee Interview from 2017!

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.@KyngTavii Turns Guard Rings Into A Business In New Video!

In the Caribbean, Guard Rings have become a popular accessory. While a wearer believes they will protect them from all manner of evil, these spiritual accessories have become a trendy item thanks to being mentioned in Dancehall music. Comedian Kyng Tavii has decided to cash in on the trend by turning it into a profitable business. We find out what happens in his latest video.

Guest starring Comedian Swiss Lee, Kyng Tavii launched “GuardsRing Ltd.“, and is set on making millions off of clients who need some protection. While the customers are pouring in, Tavii gets a client who wants to pay top dollar for the very best protection. To make this possible, he has to break some rules. To see what happens next, you have to watch the video below.

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Kyng Tavii shares new Covid 19 Vaccine for #Covid19 #Vaccine

.@KyngTavii Reports On New Covid 19 Vaccine In New Video

The Covid 19 pandemic has truly done a number on the world, there is no Country that’s exempt from its effects. With the numbers constantly growing daily, many are trying to find solutions to better themselves, and save lives. Comedian Kyng Tavii gets serious and took to the Media to report on a new Vaccine that has been exceeding expectations, and possibly being the gamechanger that it’s made to be.

Kyng Tavii joins Content Creators/Comedians Hat Dogg, CAW Media, and Vogue Pixel Studio for a special report, and we get to see this new Covid 19 Vaccine that has quickly become the popular choice for Jamaica, and soon the rest of the world. With comments like “It tastes good in the body“, and Vaxxers returning for multiple doses, we may have found hope after all to combat this deadly virus. We hope you consider to take this one with no delay, the research has been done!

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Kyng Tavii in a new skit on #Covid19

.@KyngTavii Handles “No Movement” Days As A Police Officer In New Video

Covid 19 continues to run rampant, and we’re still trying to tackle it in Jamaica. While there are campaigns to stay safe, the Government has implemented a series of lockdowns known as “No Movement Days“. While feedback is mixed about it, the days are still enforced. Today, Kyng Tavii takes on the “No Movement” days in a new skit of the same name.

Playing the role of a Police Officer on duty, Kyng Tavii makes reports on his observations to HQ. While making a report, he catches a Civilian breaking the law. The encounter turns into a hilarious one, and we get some of Tavii’s signature Comedy. Kyng Tavii continues to create content that tend to stand out, and has been steadily gaining a following. He may have had a few setbacks, but we believe in his work over here. Protect Kyng Tavii, and other promising Comedians.

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