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Mad Capo Becomes A Robbery Victim In New @KyngTavii Skit!

Be careful in the streets, especially with your valuables as Thieves won’t think twice about owning it in not a pleasant way. For Comedian Mad Capo, he had to learn the hard way in Kyng Tavii’s latest skit!

In the video, Mad Capo is seen chatting away on the phone in the park. While he’s having a good time spending off Flow or Digicel credit, Kyng Tavii shows up armed and ready to relieve Capo of his belongings. The robbery was not fruitful however as Capo didn’t have anything of value on him. Distraught by that, Tavii used the opportunity to change Capo’s life. Seeing what will happen next is possible by you checking out the video below. Kyng Tavii continues to knock out great content, stay tuned for more!

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.@KyngTavii Deals With a Greedy Friend In “2 Beggy Beggy”!

Ever had a friend or knew someone who just wanted everything that you had? In the terms of food, they always wanted some of what you have, but never have any to share with you in return. We’ve all been there at some point. Kyng Tavii had to deal with one in his new video, “2 Beggy Beggy“.

The video finds Kyng Tavii waiting in the park with a friend when hunger took him on suddenly. Not wanting to leave the park and his friend behind for some proper food, he sought for a snack from his bag. His friend, who was also hungry, decided to ask him for share his snack. After a few rejctions, Tavii finally shared, and had to regret it soon after as his friend proceeded to consume all of it. Obviously unhappy about it, Tavii decided to do something that will make his friend never ask him for anything again. Keep watching below to see what happened.

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@KyngTavii Tries To Make His Home More Secure In “Security System”

How secure is your home? What services do you use? ADT? King Alarm? Hawkeye? Well today, Comedian Kyng Tavii helps out his father in ensuring their humble abode is protected at all times in “Security System“! Before making their way to the market, Tavii’s father wanted to make use of his new Security System that he installed. Things get bad when it fails to get started. I wonder why it doesn’t work? These things are so easy to use. Tavii on the other hand tries to help, but things take a turn for the worst. Watch what happens below!

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@KyngTavii Tries To Escape Death In “The Grim Con” With @Kevin2WoKrayzee!

There comes a time when we all have to leave this world, all that we’ve ever known is no longer with us, and we embark on the After life. While many are at peace with that, Comedian Kyng Tavii believes he’s not ready to go when the Grim Reaper comes in “The Grim Con“. Featuring fellow Comedian Kevin2WoKrayzee as the Grim Reaper, we see a hilarious skit where Tavii tries his best to escape the Reaper’s Scythe, and Kevin’s not having it. Will Tavii join him in the After life? Or will he see another day on Earth? You’d have to watch to find out! Shot by McDon Productions, check out the video below!

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GET TO KNOW: @Kevin2woKrayzee!

He has graced your Phone, Television and Computer screens for years, delivering clever skits to make you roll with laughter. An award winning Youtube sensation hailing from Manchester, Jamaica, the man born Kevin Swaby is definitely “Krayzee”! You know the comedy, now get to know one of the pioneers of this Jamaican Youtube Comedy thing, Kevin2woKrayzee!

Conducted by: @SwadeDaVillain

Video by: @Kevin2woKrayzee

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@KyngTaj Finds Out Who “Run Di Place” In New @Jnel_Comedy Skit!

Who run di place? In a new collaborative skit with Kyng Taj and Jnel Comedy, Taj is being escorted through a Community by a friend and gets introduced to various men who are about that badman life. Given the impression that each person he meets “Run Di Place“, Taj is quickly corrected and their roles are listed. Who really runs di place? Once you hear the name “Popnut“, you’ll see what happens next. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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