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Find Your Escape In @RasI_Musique’s Video For “Somewhere Wonderful”!

The world is crazy right now. Everyday there’s a news item about conflict. It’s pretty draining with the barrage of bad news, and we need an escape. While we can’t provide a physical solution at the moment, how about a visual to put your mind at ease for a bit? Enter Recording Artist Ras-I with the music video for his much loved single, “Somewhere Wonderful“!

Directed by Create With ALT, Ras-I plays a Tour Guide as he gives viewers some great scenery and locations in Jamaica that will make you want to disappear to right now. While he delivers his hit single very well, the visuals will have you feeling like you’re in a Tourism Ad. The Jamaica Tourist Board is dropping the ball on using this song, so if there is any other Island who is interested in using this song for a campaign, make the connections and opportunities happen expeditiously. Ras-I has been putting out singles that quickly connect with the listeners, and you can expect him to thrill you even more this year with new content and live performances.

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