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Kick Off Your Shoes And Build A Vibe To @StayActiveCEO’s “Fancy”!

Starting off the new week feeling groggy? Ready to call it a day and head home? If you need a lil energy, we may have something for you today. Coming out of Trinidad and Tobago, we have a fairly new Artist to the scene named 1K (a.k.a. 1K Stayactive) with the single, “Fancy“!

Produced by Joey4K Beats/Certified Beats, 1K is here to get you out of your stuffy corners and stressful environments to dance, pop a bottle, and enjoy the finer things in life. We may not always get to be in the Club, or a Yacht, but “Fancy” will have you forgetting all the stress, and you can build a vibe like no other. Kick off your shoes and put on your favourite dance moves, don’t let the pressures of life hold you down! 1K may be new, but we believe you’ll be hearing a lot more from him in due time. Get into the groove!

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Love Has @JPerryOfficial Grabbing A “Tylenol” On New Single.

Haitian Recording Artist J. Perry hits the ground running with new music. This year alone saw him liberate a few singles and videos, but he’s gearing up to keep his fanbase entertained for the rest of the year. For the Summer, he gives us the visual for the single, “Tylenol“.

Directed by Xtreme Arts, J. Perry finds himself in Jamaica with friends including “Tylenol” Producer Izy Beats. The video finds them conversing when Perry is taken aback by a beautiful Woman, and the video transitions into him having moments with her in various parts of the Island. “Tylenol” is a track that speaks on the stress you experience when you’re constantly thinking about someone you love. After a dose of this track, lots of Tylenol will be issued out to many couples. It’s all good though, and J. Perry may have found himself another hit with the upbeat Izy Beats production, and melodic delivery. If this is your first time hearing J. Perry, you’re in for some good times.

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Marcia Griffiths’ “Electric Slide” Sampled On @IAmCardiB’s “Hot S***” Single!

US Recording Artist Cardi B returns to form with new music this week. Officially making way for a new album, Cardi called up the arsenal to get the ball rolling with the new single, “Hot Shit“. Produced by Tay Keith, the track features verses from fellow Artists Lil Durk, and Kanye West. A high energy track just in time for the Summer, a small of a Jamaican classic could be heard in the track.

For a brief moment, you could hear a sample of Marcia Griffiths’ 1989 hit, “Electric Slide” accompanying a line on “Hot Shit”. Originally called “Electric Boogie” which was recorded and produced by the late Bunny Wailer in 1976, and released in 1980 and 1989, “Electric Slide” lived a few lives over the years. While it was a minor hit for Wailer in the late 70s and 80s, Marcia Griffiths’ 1983 version of the record was released and became a minor hit as well. It wasn’t until 1989 when a remixed version that was featured on Griffiths’ “Carousel” album quickly made it a dance staple around the world. The new version gave birth to the “Electric Slide” dance, which became the official dance for cookouts, family gatherings, Weddings, and various celebrations and events over the years.

Expect a lot more from Cardi B this year, and fans can look forward to a new project from her. In the meantime, check out the content below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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.@Ishawna & @EdSheeran Get To “Brace It” On Official Collaboration!

This one has been in talks for quite some time. Ever since Dancehall Artist Ishawna hijacked Recording Artist Ed Sheeran’sShape Of You” for her “Equal Rights” single in 2017, we were on the lookout for a co-sign and possible collaboration between the two. It took a while, but Ed Sheeran acknowledged Ishawna’s track during a Radio Interview, and shared that he reached out to the Dancehall Artist. After all that time, we finally get a collaboration, and it’s called, “Brace It“!

Produced by Skatta Burrell, Ishawna, and Don Corleon/Don Corleonie, “Brace It” mixes Pop and Dancehall from two different Artists from two very different worlds. It’s like the Jamaican girl bringing her white boyfriend to the Island to get familiar with the music, but in song form. Ed Sheeran is encouraged by Ishawna to “wine pon mi good up“, and the two have fun on the track. Pretty interesting to hear Ed speak a lil Patois (“I nah go diss yuh never”), but overall we expect this track to make its rounds.

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Find Your Escape In @RasI_Musique’s Video For “Somewhere Wonderful”!

The world is crazy right now. Everyday there’s a news item about conflict. It’s pretty draining with the barrage of bad news, and we need an escape. While we can’t provide a physical solution at the moment, how about a visual to put your mind at ease for a bit? Enter Recording Artist Ras-I with the music video for his much loved single, “Somewhere Wonderful“!

Directed by Create With ALT, Ras-I plays a Tour Guide as he gives viewers some great scenery and locations in Jamaica that will make you want to disappear to right now. While he delivers his hit single very well, the visuals will have you feeling like you’re in a Tourism Ad. The Jamaica Tourist Board is dropping the ball on using this song, so if there is any other Island who is interested in using this song for a campaign, make the connections and opportunities happen expeditiously. Ras-I has been putting out singles that quickly connect with the listeners, and you can expect him to thrill you even more this year with new content and live performances.

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Don’t Keep @EliseDashMusic “Waiting” For That Love!

Singer Elise Dash returns to the scene with new music! While she has been staying busy these past few months with her various stage performances, Elise has been ensuring that her name covers a lot of ground with her vocals leaving behind tracks. Still on a mission to be a permanent fixture in your Playlists and speakers, we check out the new single, “Waiting“.

Produced by Kasadie Jones of Caspa Productions, Elise Dash delivers smooth vocals, and shows off her songwriting as she seeks her “Rude boy” to take over her life. We hope he doesn’t keep her waiting too long. Elise Dash brings a unique sound to the scene, and she is just scratching the surface of her abilities. We can’t wait to see what she’ll do next. A music video for “Waiting” is currently in production so stay tuned!

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