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Masicka Gets Into Debut Album Mode With “Different” Single

With over a decade in, Dancehall Artist Masicka has been churning out hits, and showcased that he is one of the most lyrical Deejays out. He has given the ladies timeless tunes, emerged a worthy opponent in beefs, and solidified his place in Dancehall for those who doubted his lyrical prowess. For years people have asked for an album, and Masicka will finally deliver one titled, “4.3.8.“. Starting the rollout, he kicks off the first single, “Different/Different Type“.

With a video directed by RD Studios, the “Genahsyde” Boss lets viewers know that it’s still badness as usual on his side. While we see some hot girls and flashy rides in the mix, Masicka still has his thugs on standby, and they are down for whatever. Fans of Masicka will definitely be on the look out for “438”, and we know the project will not disappoint. Theo Di Future has come a long way.

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.@D_FeezyMusic Is On A “Different” Flex On New Single

They how life is set up, sometimes you’ll find yourself making changes often. For Recording Artist D-Feezy, he is well aware, and speaks about it on his new single, “Different“. Fresh from the release of his “Ride With Me” video, D-Feezy isn’t slowing down with the output. On “Different”, his focus has changed, and is all about having a different style, rolling with a different crowd, thinking differently, standing out from everyone, and just flexing differently. He doesn’t care for those who have a problem with that because he’s want better for himself, but anyone tries to attack for being different, then he’ll retaliate. With his Awah Nation being just a call away, D-Feezy is ready for bigger opportunities.

Produced by YardHype Music, D-Feezy looks to give listeners even more music in the coming weeks. Covid 19 or not, his grind never stops. Just get ready, and follow the Awah Nation movement. Check out “Different” below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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