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.@MasickaMusic Shares New Ambitions On “Tyrant”

Dancehall Artist Masicka has come a long way in his career, and has solidified his place as a Dancehall great. He stepped into the 2010s with a hunger and determination, and despite beefs and setbacks, he has grown to higher levels in his lane. He still wants more, and is working towards that. He shares a few words in the visual for the single, “Tyrant“.

Directed by Ruppi for Now Or Never, Masicka eyes new ambitions and new goals on “Tyrant”. While he recognizes his now legendary status, he speaks on what it took to get him here, and he wishes to leave a legacy on the 1Syde Records release. The visual finds him seated in a Mansion with a few ladies where he shares his speech, and in other times in the streets with his brethren. The legendary Culo Culo makes an appearance, and Masicka debuts a nice “1Syde” piece in its bejeweled glory.

While the fans await Masicka’s follow up to “438” which will be on Def Jam Records, they have to just enjoy the current offerings. 1Syde till the land slide. Wacky dip!

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.@MasickaMusic Secures New “Shootaz” Collaboration With Vybz Kartel!

A few years ago, Dancehall Artists Masicka and Vybz Kartel created a wave with their 1st collaboration called, “Infrared“. The track turned out to be an instant between the “World Boss“, and the “Genahsyde Boss“. Many wondered if they’ll ever trade verses again, but today the wondering has ceased. Today, we hear the track, “Shootaz“.

Produced by Adidjahiem Records, Masicka and Vybz Kartel step out with another aggressive collaboration. These two rule the space, and anyone who wishes to oppose, they’ll be slapped silly and sent flying into nearby bushes. It’s a GazaGenahsyde, and things will get ugly if needs be. Masicka recently secured a deal with the infamous Def Jam Records, with a promise that a new album will be released later this year. Unfortunately for Vybz Kartel, his efforts for an appeal were futile, and fans can only hope they’ll see the “World Boss” walking as a free man someday. In the meantime, there’s new music to enjoy.

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.@MasickaMusic Makes @DefJam Debut With Jahshii-Featured, “Pieces”!

It’s official, the “GenahSyde BossMasicka is now a part of the illustrious Def Jam Records roster. The Deejay looks to make a bigger impact in his career, and has already stated that he’s working on a followup to his critically acclaimed “438” album. Making his debut, he gives us the new single, “Pieces“.

Produced by Moz Zaro Hamm, “Pieces” is a collaboration between Masicka and Dancehall Artist Jahshii. The Deejays share their observations and challenges throughout their respective paths, but still provide motivation for those listening. No matter how tough it gets, you can always move forward and make things better. Like puzzle pieces, you fit them back in the right places, and make progress. Masicka and Jahshii share great energy and deliveries throughout the track, and fans of both Artists will enjoy the much anticipated First Nation x Genahsyde collab.

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.@MasickaMusic & @StefflonDon Get Close In “Moments” Video.

Dancehall Artist Masicka is still doing numbers with his 2021 debut album, “438“. With fans still showing appreciation on Social Media, it’s no surprise that some of the tracks have gone on to become viral hits. One of the tracks that took off was the Stefflon Don assisted single, “Moments“. It has gained popularity on TikTok and Instagram Reels, and fans were eager for a music video for this one. Recently, Stefflon Don took a short trip to Jamaica, and today you will see the result of that trip. Here is the music video for “Moments”.

Directed by RD Studios, Masicka and Stefflon Don display some intimacy throughout the “Moments” clip. With Masicka following clues to meet Steff in a room, we get to see them get cozy, and of course perform the track together. Viewers will say they make a nice couple onscreen, while some may wish they were in Masicka or Stefflon’s place. Overall, this is nice visual to accompany a single that has gone viral in these past few months. What do you think of it?

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Masicka's "438" album on #Masicka #Jamaica #Dancehall

.@MasickaMusic Guarantees A Zero Skips Experience With The “438” Album

It’s been a long time coming, but Dancehall Artist Masicka has held his own as one of Jamaica’s top Lyricists. Whether you know him as the “Genahsyde Boss” or “Theo Di Future“, Masicka has represented well for over a decade. One thing was missing was an album, but he fixes that with the release of his highly anticipated debut album, “438“.

Loaded with 16 tracks, Masicka guarantees zero skips here as he covers a variety of topics, flexes his lyricism, and gives us some storytelling as well. You’ve come to expect a top form Artist here, and with solid production from some of the top Producers in the game (Dunw3ll and Kalex are said to have made contributions to the album. Whoever uploaded the album didn’t credit the Producers.) and guest appearances by Stefflon Don, Sean Paul, Dexta Daps, and Popcaan, “438” is gonna be your album of the year. It took a long time for Masicka to get here, and we’re glad he finally reached this milestone. Tell us what you think of the album in the comments, or on our Social Media platforms.

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Masicka Gets Into Debut Album Mode With “Different” Single

With over a decade in, Dancehall Artist Masicka has been churning out hits, and showcased that he is one of the most lyrical Deejays out. He has given the ladies timeless tunes, emerged a worthy opponent in beefs, and solidified his place in Dancehall for those who doubted his lyrical prowess. For years people have asked for an album, and Masicka will finally deliver one titled, “4.3.8.“. Starting the rollout, he kicks off the first single, “Different/Different Type“.

With a video directed by RD Studios, the “Genahsyde” Boss lets viewers know that it’s still badness as usual on his side. While we see some hot girls and flashy rides in the mix, Masicka still has his thugs on standby, and they are down for whatever. Fans of Masicka will definitely be on the look out for “438”, and we know the project will not disappoint. Theo Di Future has come a long way.

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