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.@VoiideMuzik Shares The Pain Of Losing A Friend In “Share Di Pain”

Yuh eva lose a real friend yet?

Recording Artist Voiide has been putting out music that paint a picture to some his experiences in life. Today’s entry however, will hit some folks hard. Borrowing Rapper Rich The Kid’sPlug Walk” Instrumental, he bares it all on “Share Di Pain“. On the track, he shares the emotions felt when it came to losing a real friend. With no holds barred on the track, this is one of the realest tracks out from the Artist. It may even be one of the realest ones of the year. Voiide also paints a picture as he shot, edited, and directed the video for the track. This is a “Real AF” tune. Pray for Voiide, and all the friends that we’ve all lost. Check it out below, and show us some love on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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.@VoiideMuzik & Rushae Fight To Live In “No Sunshine”!

Dancehall Artist Voiide has been on the grind these past few weeks. On the mission to be heard for 2018 and beyond, he shows listeners the various styles to his art. Today we feature his latest single, “No Sunshine“. Produced by Van-Clive and featuring Rushae, Voiide shows how dark it can get in the country when it comes to not having easy access to a better way of living. The harsh reality anywhere is that when there is no love, and pleas fall on deaf ears of those in power, some people will do whatever to survive. “No Sunshine” is just one of many singles Voiide plans to flood the streets with this year. The track is also available on iTunes/Apple Music (Get it here). For now, check out the track below, share with a friend, and follow us on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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@VoiideMuzik Makes Moves Like A Boss In “JEFE”!

Overseas based Recording Artist Voiide has been on the scene for quite some time giving listeners a dose of his Dancehall and Hip Hop influenced sound. Recently he made some noise with his latest single, “JEFE“, and today he adds the official Music Video to the roll out. Directed by ShotByGod, Voiide speaks on his way of life in terms of how he handles friendships, business, confrontations, and the ladies, and he cannot be easily swayed to change as it’s in his genes. The track was also produced by Smitty Links. With his DMS Way (Different Mind State) movement, he seeks to make his presence felt even more in 2018 as he plans to release more music covering various themes. “JEFE” the single is now available on all Digital Music Retailers including Amazon Music, Spotify, and Apple Music. Not even Bleach can keep up with his dirty ways. Check out the video below.

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