Jamaican Creative @Aurora_NG_U Hosts “Endz Off” Creative Mixer Event!

Update 1: “Endz Off” postponed until further notice!

The ability to create is such a beautiful thing, and the Island of Jamaica boasts a plethora of Creatives that help to elevate the Culture in Music, Fashion, Literature, and Art. Unfortunately, not many Creatives are being recognized as physical platforms for them to display their work are in short supply. Enter Kamoey Ng-You a.k.a. “GyalKapone“, a fellow Creative who hopes to make a change and start something new with her Creative Mixer event called, “Endz Off“! With a September 30th date and being held at Chaser’s Cafe (5 Belmont Rd., Kingston), Ng-You invites DJs, Writers, Musicians, Artists, Photographers, and Designers to attend and display their works of art to a new audience which can in turn create Business opportunities, make new connections, and growth in their careers.

When asked the reason for the event, Ng-You said, “I want to give all mediums a chance to just be comfortable in a non-competitive environment, because for young Artists in this Country, everything is a “Fight to the top”. While some competition is healthy, it’s not always the best because a lot of us suffer from issues that our Art gives us refuge from“. While the Event is free to attend and Creatives showcase their works for free, Ng-You hopes to get the attention and assistance of Corporate Jamaica, and encourages attendees to support by purchasing pieces from a Creative. “I’m trying to invite as much people to participate as possible, even if I have to pay for their work to be printed and mounted out of pocket because people need fi buss, and I’ll be damned if I don’t make that happen because I know I wish someone would help me” she added.

Creatives participating in the Mixer are requested to bring a copy of their favourite piece of work that they’re willing to part with as a giveaway session may arise during the event. “I want everyone to leave with someone else’s favorite artwork because that energy and positivity is channeled to others. Sharing the things that make you happy with someone else is one of the greatest things you could ever do and I want to promote that movement. I want everyone to have a smile on their face at the end of the day” said an exuberant Ng-You. She closed by saying, “It’s not about money, it’s not about hype, it’s not about a bagga chatting. It’s about giving everybody a platform to be themselves, be comfortable and make a future“.

The “Endz Off” Creative Mixer will start at 5PM, and ends at 8PM. To participate, contact Kamoey Ng-You at 848-2367, or send her a Direct Message on Instagram at @GyalKapone.

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PICS: @GFXMuma Presents: Pix Of The Day: Jamaica 53 Edition

Bringing the “sexy” to Jamaica 53 is Graphic Designer/MUA/Photographer, GFX Muma. With assistance from Photographer Tyrese, Muma is joined by Model Mumum and Model/Beautician Mumzellee in Jamaica-themed swimsuits for the “Independence Day Photo Shoot“. The Black, Green, and Gold just got sexier. Need Photography/Graphic Design/Make Up services? Contact GFX Muma today! Check out the pictures below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @ChiChingChingJA – Fashionable King


Take a picture! Strike a pose! Today’s new video comes from Dancehall artist Chi Ching Ching. Titled “Fashionable King” and directed by DK Konsepp and Must Rich Films, we see Chi Ching Ching shopping, clubbing, chilling on the beach and recording in the studio all while being stalked by photographers and a very determined fan. A bit hilarious with the stalker being at every location Chi Ching Ching’s arrives at, and the lyrics to the song. Not a bad effort, I like how in some scenes the artist’s pose is turned into a magazine cover. Lol at the classroom scene. What do you think of “Fashionable King“? Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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