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.@DamianMarley Shares The History Of Virginia Key Beach In “Life Is A Circle” Video

Reggae Music has always been something that entertains, but it also seeks to educate fans as well. Known for dropping lyrical selections but also delivering knowledge and conscious music, DamianJunior GongMarley continues to do just that. Today, we check out the video for the single, “Life Is A Circle“.

Directed by B+ and shot in Miami, Florida, Junior Gong not only gives us a performance of his single, but schools us on the history of the Virginia Key Beach (the video’s true location) which was Miami’s first “Colored Only” Beach which welcomed Black people and other marginalized communities. We learned that the Beach was possible due to many protests, and over the years faced closures until it was considered an ecological treasure and re-opened for good in 2008. Always something of high quality when it comes to Junior Gong, a living legend.

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