OLDIES SUNDAY: Professor Nuts – Inna De Bus (1991)

Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from legendary Deejay Professor Nuts with his 1991 hit “Inna De Bus“. Produced by G & G Nugent, Nuts deejays about his experiences in a Jamaican bus ride. He speaks about people being short on the bus fare and then thrown out, body odor offending people, speaking about the types of buses and bus fare prices. Very entertaining song and should have you laughing from Professor Nuts’ comical lyrics.

Inna De Bus” became one of Professor Nuts’ biggest hits and has been a staple in many of his live performances. He went on to have many more hits despite only releasing one album titled “Make It Again“. Professor Nuts is still requested at many events and was also seen handling judging duties on the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall show. You can also find Professor Nuts on the series “Me And Mi Kru” on Television Jamaica.

Professor Nuts’ hit also provided the soundtrack to my bus ride experience in my “The Bus Ride and the Belt SalesMan” post.

Thank you Professor Nuts for this classic tune.

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