OLDIES SUNDAY: Sister Charmaine – No Disrespect (1990)

Today’s Oldies Sunday selection is dedicated to Dancehall Artist Sister Charmaine who passed away on January 5, 2021. Before the many prominent Queens of Dancehall, Sister Charmaine was one who held that title proudly. Today we go back in time to check out “No Disrespect“.

Released through Leggo Records in 1990, Sister Charmaine did plenty name dropping on this one as she shares the difficulty in catching a break in music. In a rather humorous way, she calls upon artists like Papa San, Admiral Bailey, General Trees, Little Lenny, Professor Nuts, Lt. Stitchie, Flourgon, Ninja Man, and many more for assistance in making her career as successful as theirs. From borrowing a Benz, to performing Obeah, to learning certain songs and moves, Sister Charmaine believes these were some of the methods her fellow artists used in getting a “buss“. The song was not made to disrespect the many artists mentioned, but to give her audience something to laugh about, and showcase her versatility. The song was featured on the “Live And Kickin’” compilation in 1990. A song we believed took a cue from “No Disrespect” was Ce’cile’s 2000 single, “Changez” where she called out male deejays, but for a rather different topic.

Walk Good Sister Charmaine!

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PRESS RELEASE: @MagnumDancehall Season 7 Auditions


It’s that time again where some of the best upcoming deejays in the island take the trek to audition for the annual Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall. Now in its 7th season with Skatta Burrell, Miss Kitty and Professor Nuts returning to their judging positions, this looks to be another exciting season filled with lyrics from great competitors. With the 2nd audition commencing on Saturday November 23 in Ocho Rios, check out the Press Release and schedule for upcoming auditions below.

MKQ judges excited to see the talent in sav for Season 7
MKQ judges excited to see the talent in Savlamar for Season 7



Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall has returned for its 7th season to bring hard-core vibe and energy to local TV and is preparing for auditions, set to take place in five locations across the length and breadth of Jamaica. Deejays and Singjays who are trying to establish themselves in the field of Dancehall and Reggae are encouraged to come out to the various auditions and impress the resident Judges: Scatta Burrell, Professor Nuts and Miss Kitty.

The Magnum team passed through the Western town of Savannah-La-Mar last Saturday for the 1st stop this season.

2nd Stop: Ocho Rios

Magnum Kings and Queens then heads to Ocho Rios on Saturday November 23 at Island Village.

3rd Stop: May Pen

Following Ocho Rios, Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall will head to May Pen on Saturday November 30 for its third audition at Tolans Total Gas Station.

4th Stop: Portmore

The second to last audition for this the 7th season of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall will be on Sunday December 8 at Portmore Town Centre. Over the last six seasons of the competition Portmore has shown big support for the competition.

Final Stop: Kingston

The fifth and final audition for Season 7 will be held on Sunday December 15 in Kingston at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre.

All auditions begin at 9AM sharp and end at 3PM. Participants who are unsuccessful at one location have a chance to try again at any other location. This year, all auditions are open to spectators who want to get a sneak peek at the talent.

At the end of the 5 auditions, the judges will then deliberate and select the best 28 contestants (14 Princes and 14 Princesses) to perform at the Live Shows. The Magnum Top 28 will be announced to Jamaica on two live shows to be aired on TVJ starting Saturday January 11, 2014.

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Professor Nuts Inna De Bus Jamaica Dancehall Music 13thStreetPromo 13thStreetPromotions Caribbean

OLDIES SUNDAY: Professor Nuts – Inna De Bus (1991)

Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from legendary Deejay Professor Nuts with his 1991 hit “Inna De Bus“. Produced by G & G Nugent, Nuts deejays about his experiences in a Jamaican bus ride. He speaks about people being short on the bus fare and then thrown out, body odor offending people, speaking about the types of buses and bus fare prices. Very entertaining song and should have you laughing from Professor Nuts’ comical lyrics.

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Random: The Bus Ride And The Belt Salesman

Not the actual salesman…

Hey BlogWorld! Got a story to tell, i’ll do my best here…

 So this afternoon (Friday Oct. 26, 2012), I travelled on a bus from Mandeville to Christiana as a part of running a few errands. While the bus driver did his best to drive all over Mandeville in effort to elude a Police Officer on a bike who wanted to give him a ticket, I was greeted by a rather peculiar character who took passage on the bus. His first statement was to the tune of, “Come inside, let’s all take a bus ride” (I forgot what he actually said..), the other was, “Unno pack tight like Sausage, nuh block up the passage…” He went on further to make up many rhymes during our bus ride which lasted around 20 minutes. Every conversation he kept with us passengers turned into a witty rhyme, even when we were eluding the Police Officer he taunted him with a clever rhyme much to our entertainment.

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