AUDIO: @Ragashanti Interviews @IShawna


With the recent news of Selector Foota Hype and Dancehall artist IShawna involved in feuds since their breakup, popular Radio Personality Ragashanti called up IShawna to discuss the current situation. This is a pretty lengthy call so I’ll let the audio speak for itself. Check out the Interview below and share your thoughts in the comments section.







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3 thoughts on “AUDIO: @Ragashanti Interviews @IShawna

  1. Ishawna just answer the questions and stop go around the questions. I dont know who to believe the 2 a dem a liar them want some holy wata. ‘Me and shatta are fren’ poor she lol. Ishawna it doesnt matter if shatta and foota a fren they know each other they work together u should have neva. The 2 a unno wah light a fire. Unno story dont straight, unno worthless the world neva need fi know unno dutty life. The songs are abt foota she finally admit it, she keep on a repeating herself cho, ishawna video him mek wi see. She a contradict herself, she need to b a lady and if foota a watch out the woman yuh need fi stop it.

    1. You sound stupid tho, she answered the question and was truthful…and what you mean the world didn’t need to know? If the world didn’t need to know you wouldn’t be commenting riiii? By the way it’s Skatta not Shatta.

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