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It.. just.. It was fate, it had to happen” – @iAmVinDon

Do you disdain Jamaica? How do you feel about Hip-Hop generally? I’d cleverly advise you to close your browser if you come across this page not willing to #PayAttention. Eutopia is the place to be March 28th & even though the event is Kingston-based, i’m about to prove that some of the island’s most talented rappers do not solely only originate from the nation’s capital.

Pay Attention March 28 2015 Flyer (Back)

VinDon of BluRok is present.

Q: Welcome to the #PayAttention line up! You ready to hit the stage and deliver a killer performance

A: Respect! No doubt, it’s what I do.

Bonus: I caught wind that you’re the son of Ninja Man, can you confirm this?

A: That is correct.

Q: Where do you hail from & how did that environment help to shape VinDon?

A: I’m from Mandeville, Manchester. I have always had a love of music. Hip-Hop in particular has been an outlet for me to vent thoughts and emotions as an only child. Especially at Manchester High School where me and my friends would often be found in the classrooms writing rhymes or in corridors rapping.

Q: I appreciate the creativity behind the bodies of work you put out, is it all done solo? If not, give a s/o to some of the creatives that you work with!

A: No, I have my Blu Rok/BPM team who consist of artistes such as Cill Awesumore, Hard Dayz, EonSmitGarnet jr and Lady Livi. Great Producers such as SOS Dynamikz and Di Prodigyy.

Q: Just based on the Seeing Colours EP album cover, I got the vibe like you’re going SSJ4 on the Jamaican Hip-Hop game. Describe the EP & why your fans should look forward to the next project.

A: Indeed! The EP in a nutshell is a reflection of my warped and slightly psychedelic perspective of life in Jamaica at that time. My next project will consist of more great music as I continue to develop my sound and push creative boundaries.

Q: As one of the only avenues right now to get some limelight as a Hip-Hop artiste in JA, how would you like to see #PayAttention evolve as we move forward in 2015?

A: I think it’s a great initiative to propel Jamaican talent and at the same time providing great entertainment for the Hip Hop and music lovers in general. I would like to see the evolution of an event such as #PayAttention to represent the New Generation of Hip-Hop enthusiasts on the island where the genre somehow found it’s origin.

VinDon Contact:

@iAmVinDon IG | Twitter



E-mail iamvindon@gmail.com for booking/dubs

Get your tickets early. DM @payattentionja on IG or Twitter for more info.

Pay Attention March 28 2015 Flyer (Front)





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