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It.. just.. It was fate, it had to happen” – @iAmVinDon

Do you disdain Jamaica? How do you feel about Hip-Hop generally? I’d cleverly advise you to close your browser if you come across this page not willing to #PayAttention. Eutopia is the place to be March 28th & even though the event is Kingston-based, i’m about to prove that some of the island’s most talented rappers do not solely only originate from the nation’s capital.

Pay Attention March 28 2015 Flyer (Back)

VinDon of BluRok is present.

Q: Welcome to the #PayAttention line up! You ready to hit the stage and deliver a killer performance

A: Respect! No doubt, it’s what I do.

Bonus: I caught wind that you’re the son of Ninja Man, can you confirm this?

Mixtape Movements: @TheRealLadyLivi – Queen Pin

a0869496943_2Today’s new mixtape comes from BPM rapper, Lady Livi. Titled “Queen Pin“, she aims to take over your territory Mafia style. Featuring 11 tracks with production from SOS Dynamikz and verses from Kylon, Hard Dayz, Vindon, and SOS, this promises to be some of Livi’s best work yet. Great way to end 2013 and we get an idea of what to expect in the future from Livi. Want to join her team? Check out her mixtape below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @PayAttentionJA x @SouthBeachCafeJ (Highlights)


Pay Attention, the premiere Hip Hop event, was held on Saturday October 5, 2013 at Club Indulge (Upstairs South Beach Cafe). Featuring performances by Slo Mo, BPM, Mario Evon and The Sickest Drama (TSD), it was another moment that highlighted the Jamaican Hip Hop movement going strong. Today with the help of Winston Stunnaz of Vision High Filmz, we get to see some of the performances. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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PICS: @PayAttentionJA – October 5, 2013 at @SouthBeachCafeJ


On Saturday October 5, 2013 another set of players took their talents to “South Beach“. #PayAttention, the premier Hip Hop event, gave patrons another opportunity to see and hear what the island has to offer. Held at Club Indulge (upstairs South Beach Cafe) and hosted by T.S.D. (The Sickest Drama) who also was a performer, the line up of Slo Mo, B.P.M. (SOS Dynamikz, Lady Livi and Traverse), and Mario Evon were given their time to shine. With Inztinkz and DJ Fatalic providing the tunes before, during and after PayAttention,  the night started off with Slo Mo showing us that while he has the slow flow, he had a gang of lyrics and extra special flow just in case. His set, which featured some lyrical songs and something for the ladies in attendance, he managed to have the audience listening to his lyrics which were well received. After finishing his set with a freestyle over Drake’s “Pound Cake”, it was singer Mario Evon’s turn. Mario, who was accompanied with a guitarist, belted out a couple cover songs which included Bob Marley & Lauryn Hill’s “Lights Down Low” before unleashing some originals. The highlight of his performance came when he brought his lady on stage and sang to her to much enjoyment from the crowd. Showing he had what it takes, he managed to wow the crowd with his singing abilities.

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NEW MUSIC: @Brucey_Will x @SOSDynamikz – BPM 1992

It’s a mix of crazy minds, a sick beat, rhymes and flows. Today’s new rap comes from Bruce and SOS Dynamikz. Titled “BPM 1992” and produced by SOS, we hear the rappers speak on their styles and pledging allegiance to their crew, BPM. Sounds ill though, check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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NEW MUSIC: John Public (@TheRealLaing) – Cool & Fresh

Cool and fresh like a cup a Spring Wata…” is the first line in the chorus of John Public’s new dancehall tune, “Cool & Fresh“. I have to say, in the words of Popcaan the song “SHOT” (it’s “Awesome” for you overseas readers) and will have you up on your feet! This song was produced by SOS Dynamikz for BPM Records. Check out the song below and link up John Public at http://coolfresh-johnpublic.viinyl.com/ . ENJOY!!

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