PRESS RELEASE: @GullyBop1000 @MGeeMusic Collab Again For “Blessing”


Recently, many have adapted the catchy lyric, “From Chicken Wing to Plane Wing” as a motivational quote. This line is from the bubbling hit, “Life Too Sweet,” Gully Bop and M-Gee’s first collaboration together. Based on the success of this single, the two have decided to go for a follow-up with the recording, “Blessing.”

“It has been a great learning experience working with Bop. He brings a lot of creative and visionary thoughts to the table. I truly appreciate the opportunity to work with him,” M-Gee emphasized.

The artiste explained that this new song, “Blessing” was inspired by some of what he has observed in today’s society, “The song is to motivate individuals to work hard for rewards, as opposed to indulging in illegal activities or begging. They want blessings, but they do not want to pray.”

M-Gee pointed out that, “individuals are hoping for a miraculous event to improve their life, often times they refuse to embrace the hard work associated with their expectations. These are the thoughts that created this new tune.”

“Blessing” is produced by GS Entertainment and will be available on iTunes soon. M-Gee also has several other fresh singles released such as, “Back Pocket Hail” with Dexta Daps and “Where is My Fren” featured on the compilation, “Jelly Wata Riddim”.

His team is currently organizing performances throughout the Caribbean and in the United States for an upcoming promotional tour. M-Gee says his current plans include expanding his portfolio, by working with various producers locally and internationally.





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