NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @GullyBop1000 x @NinjaManMusic

Tonight, two Dancehall giants in Gully Bop and Ninja Man have graced the Onstage set. Will there be a much needed clash from these two, or a collaboration? Here Gully Bop spoke on his career 1 year after his discovery and rise to stardom, ignoring doubters, still being a hot commodity in the Dancehall circles, “Killing dem wid style“, thoughts on Sting 2015 and more. Ninja Man however spoke on his recent hospitalization, his thoughts on Sting 2015, working on a new project with veteran Artists, spreading his wings as an Entrepreneur, and Gully Bop. Together on stage they’ve promoted unity and had a conversation and cracked a few jokes with Winford Williams. Watch the Interview below to see more and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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PRESS RELEASE: Heavy-D Promotions Calls It Quits With @GullyBop1000


After opening the first major platform to Gully Bop at Sting 2014 in an effort to solidify the viral sensation as a true recording artiste and performer, Heavy-D Promotions has severed all ties.

Artiste Confused Over 20% Management and Booking Fees

We collect only 20% as agreed for bookings and management. We collect 20% of the deposit and 20% of the balance, which makes it 20% of the entire amount. Bop believes we are charging 20 plus 20 to equal 40% of the total amount this is not so. He got angry in Canada as a result of not understanding and took off,” Heavy-D says.

We Care for him and want the best for him

According to Heavy-D, “Gully Bop is out of control and is making it impossible to work with. He is not listening to me, Chin or anybody else. He does not want any agent fees or expenses to be deducted from income received. Bop doesn’t understand the business at all and believes that whatever he makes is for him, his woman and to give away to poor people in the street. How the bills are gonna be paid then? There are expenses for every tour!”

Heavy-D continued to explain that he has to be working overtime to cover seriously damaging statements and actions by the artiste. He also recommends that he seeks professional help. “I wish nothing but the best for Bop. I try my best to help him and resolve all issues, but it seems to make no sense. Sometimes I feel like we have another Whitney Houston case on our hands. Bop needs rehab and this is no joke. I have my lawyer and accountant working out all unfinished business at this point.”

Heavy-D Promotions would like to assure all promoters and the public that all engagements booked should be honored as all deposits have already been paid over to his fiancée`, Miss Shauna Chin. “Every show we book we take our agent fees and pay over the balance to Chin so all shows should be still on. She is also in a very sticky position, but I understand that she have to stand beside him cause they live together right now. He must cease and desist from making all damaging remarks as legal action will be taken

Dropping on August 8…

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PRESS RELEASE: @GullyBop1000 Jets Off To Europe After Success In Canada


Gully Bop is still enjoying his new found fame via his whirlwind, “Rags To Riches Tour.” After success in Canada, he is now in Brussels for the very first time. The Exuberant artiste is ready to kick off a month-long of performances throughout several European countries including: Belgium, Switzerland, France, Austria, Netherlands, Germany and Norway.

Gully Bop expressed how elated he was about his ongoing “Rags To Riches Tour”,“Me well excited and feel good. So much new places me a reach, and nuff people a see Gully bop live and in living color. Every week me in a different place a perform. Me dreams come true! Long time me a try and want to experience this.”

Last week Gully Bop visited Canadian territory for the first time and was able to pull off a number of sold-out shows in cities such as: Niagara Falls, Toronto and Oshawa. He returns to Canada in August for the annual Jambana One World Festival.

Gully Bop, whose given name is Robert Lee Malcolm, reemerged after over a decade of obscurity under the moniker, Country Man. Back in the 1990’s he was a promising act performing on festivals such as Sting and Reggae Sunsplash under the management of Supreme Promotions’, Isaiah Laing.

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PRESS RELEASE: @GullyBop1000 @MGeeMusic Collab Again For “Blessing”


Recently, many have adapted the catchy lyric, “From Chicken Wing to Plane Wing” as a motivational quote. This line is from the bubbling hit, “Life Too Sweet,” Gully Bop and M-Gee’s first collaboration together. Based on the success of this single, the two have decided to go for a follow-up with the recording, “Blessing.”

“It has been a great learning experience working with Bop. He brings a lot of creative and visionary thoughts to the table. I truly appreciate the opportunity to work with him,” M-Gee emphasized.

The artiste explained that this new song, “Blessing” was inspired by some of what he has observed in today’s society, “The song is to motivate individuals to work hard for rewards, as opposed to indulging in illegal activities or begging. They want blessings, but they do not want to pray.”

M-Gee pointed out that, “individuals are hoping for a miraculous event to improve their life, often times they refuse to embrace the hard work associated with their expectations. These are the thoughts that created this new tune.”

“Blessing” is produced by GS Entertainment and will be available on iTunes soon. M-Gee also has several other fresh singles released such as, “Back Pocket Hail” with Dexta Daps and “Where is My Fren” featured on the compilation, “Jelly Wata Riddim”.

His team is currently organizing performances throughout the Caribbean and in the United States for an upcoming promotional tour. M-Gee says his current plans include expanding his portfolio, by working with various producers locally and internationally.

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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @GullyBop1000


From Rags to Riches, Gully Bop can be heard and seen worldwide since his career has taken off. Unfortunately with fame comes controversy so tonight Bop joined the Onstage set to speak on his experiences. Here he spoke on his trip to the UK and his adventures there, receiving great fanfare, addressing the controversies, performing sold out shows in the Caribbean, his collaboration with Stylo G, being a target for scammers, working on new music, upcoming tours and a possible appearance at Reggae Sumfest. Gully Bop also performed a few songs for the audience. Bop is always an entertaining character when it comes to Interviews. We look forward to the “Baby Bop” and of course his upcoming performances. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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PRESS RELEASE: @GullyBop1000 Arrives In The UK For First Tour


“Body Specialist” deejay, Gully bop is now settling down after a long flight to the island of Great Britain. This marks his very first trip outside of his homeland, Jamaica. “ Well them say me never a go make it at Jamworld. Say me can’t pass Christmas to the New year, but who God bless no man curse,” Gully Bop reasoned as he dismissed naysayers upon arrival at the Gatwick Airport.

His first offshore performance is set for this Saturday at Club Diamond in Luton followed by Scala in King’s Cross, London on Sunday. Gully Bop remains in England for the remainder of March. In April he commences concerts throughout the Caribbean, before he jets off for dates in progress for Europe, the USA and Canada. Updates regarding his schedule are available at or via his website .
Gully Bop formerly known, as Country Man has been an aspiring dancehall artiste for decades. His Frenz For Real produced single that propelled him to dancehall’s mainstream, “Body Specialist” is still running charts in the U.K. and other territories. Currently he enjoys the success of several singles such as “Bad Like We”, produced by Claims Records that recently peaked at #1 on iTunes Reggae Chart. He has over a dozen other singles that are now in rotation across the globe: “Roun’ Here”, “Drop Mi” FT Imari, “Life Too Sweet” FT M-Gee, “Miss Goldie” and “Gully Wine” among others. Rags To Riches his debut EP is set for release this summer.


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