OLDIES SUNDAY: Gregory Peck – Wey You Ago Do (1989)

Today’s Oldies Sunday selection is for all the Sound Bwoys and Sound Systems from Gregory Peck. Titled “Wey You Ago Do” this was produced by King Jammys and released in 1989. With an intro from the great Fuzzy Jones, Gregory is sending a warning to all Sound Systems and Selectors that his sound will not lose and they should just retire all together. He also hurled insults and stated that they cannot win the audience with their selections and his sound was the winner in all clashes.

Wey You Ago Do” is one of the many songs that was created to taunt competing Sound Systems in Sound Clashes. The songs, known as Dubplates, were exclusive recordings by upcoming and established artists used in winning the audience’s approval at a Sound Clash.

Though Gregory Peck’s life was cut short years ago, he recorded many singles including the popular “Oversize Mampie” and “Wey You Ago Do” was sampled by Sovereign and Hip Hop artists Smif-N-Wessun for “Sound Bwoy Bureill“.

Thank You Gregory Peck for this song and R.I.P. 





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