PRESS RELEASE: @DAngelMusic1 Wanted In Africa!


Dancehall artiste D’Angel has been creating quite a stir in Africa with the release of her remix with African Grammy winner and recording artiste Stone Bwoy. The single is called ‘Tingisha’ on the Chaskele Rhythm produced by Rebel Liberation Records. D’Angel shared “since the release of the single, my African fan base has grown tremendously; now I have promoters calling and I am hoping to plan a tour soon”. King Rebel the producer shared that the single is in great demand and it is the “anthem in Nairobi”.

The First Lady who is presently on a North American Tour added that she felt “elated” after several fans reached out to her on social media advising her that the single has been playing on the radio stations in Kenya, Nairobi, Namibia, and Uganda to name a few. She shared “having your fans, selectors and radio personalities reach out to me is amazing; I love all my fans and to know I am doing well abroad is always a great feeling”. D’Angel was recently featured in The Star stated that she was demanding her respect in the music industry. The ‘Stronger’ artiste defended her success and made it clear that she has no intention to slow down. She has since performed on several stages while on tour and has created a long lasting impact on each state she has visited.

Now promoting singles such as ‘Ramp Ruff’, ‘Gimmie Likkle More’ and ‘Whine Factory, D’Angel is eager to return to Jamaica for her promotional runs before leaving again to finish her tour.





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