OLDIES SUNDAY: @GeneralDegree – Granny (1992)

Today’s Oldies Sunday is dedicated to my Grandmother who celebrated her 77th birthday recently, and your Grandmothers. This selection comes from General Degree and is titled “Granny“. “Granny” was produced by Lo Tech for Main St. Records in 1992 and features General Degree speaking on his many scenarios with his Grandmother and his intent on leaving her to live with his Mother. He highlights that Grandmothers tend to be very miserable and suggests that if you grew up with one, you’ll end up like her. Granny (played by Degree) also gets a chance to “ride” the Riddim as she complains about the price increase in food, her Grandson and his antics, and states that if things get worse she’ll migrate to the United States.

Granny” was a very popular song for Degree at the time as many could relate to the scenarios. He also released other songs with the “Granny” theme and character later down. Degree has enjoyed much success in his career over the years with chart topping hits, and “Granny” has been one of his memorable ones. If you still have your Grandmother(s) in your life, let them know you care about them today!

Thank you General Degree for this big song!





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