PRESS RELEASE: @MagranMusic1 Soars with “Bad Grandson”

Rising Dancehall Artiste Magran has been getting great buzz in the streets with his newest single, “Bad Grandson”. The song was released under his own record label, Magran Music. The song is a humorous one and interchanges between two personalities, the Grandmother and the Grandson. While the Grandmother is expressing her frustrations with her Grandson because he is “bad” and has “nuff girls”, the Grandson wishes his Grandmother would just let him live his life.

Overall it is a very fun and playful concept that is clearly working for Magran, and the upcoming Artiste is loving the attention that he has been getting from the streets and radio so far. “I am bringing back the Granny/Grandson concept to life that General Degree started. I love music and I aim to revolutionize the game and bring back the humour and fun in Dancehall music.” Despite being very talented, Magran has been an underground Artiste for several years but is adamant that 2016 is the year and he will rise to the occasion so the world will know him and his music.

“A long time mi a do music and now I have a better understanding of how things work. I have a team of young people that I am working closely with who knows the business and has taken the time to help me with a lot of things”, revealed Magran. Magran is working closely with rising Record Label Vision House Records and Susan Smith of Powerhouse Gobal Media, who is responsible for all his Public Relations related work. Plans are also in motion for the shooting of the accompanying video, so fans of the Artiste can look out for that as well.





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