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PRESS RELEASE: @DonAndre’s “Tom Cruise” Fever “Jogs” Into Summer

Fresh on the scene is UK based recording artiste, Don Andre. His addictive EDM song and catchy dance moves have exploded on the Dancehall circuit. “Tom Cruise” is undeniably one of the hottest tracks released so far this year. Its energy is racking up high radio spins and continues to enter prominent charts throughout the diaspora.

The notoriety of “Tom Cruise” is being felt across the globe with videos surfacing daily from fans based in Argentina, Poland, Chile, Russia, Lithuania, Africa, Amsterdam, Italy, Ukraine and Finland to mention a few territories.

Corporate entities including the brands: Smirnoff, Appleton, Flow, Digicel, Wray and Nephew, Magnum, SportsMax and Jamaica’s Carnival have all join in the mania endorsing the “Tom Cruise” phenomenon. They have all published the content via various media platforms. To add, both political parties in Jamaica have used the song extensively throughout their campaign trail.

Trending personalities have been “Tom Cruising” all over social media from the fluffy diva Miss Kitty to Tanto Blacks aka Mr. Real Rich. Instagram celebrities, such as, Gyalis In Paris, Prince Pine, Quite Perry and Fat Skull are among many others who have solidified the “Tom Cruise” frenzy with hilarious skits reaching millions cumulatively.

The “Dancehall Queens” who caught on to the trend very early, played an integral role in co-signing on the vibrancy of the new moves: Sher, Nickeisha, Renee Six-thirty and Head Top being the front-runners. They are now adding another move called the “Jog”.

This is the new release that’s now spreading like wild fire. Since the triple premiere, that saw a simultaneous debut in England, New York and Jamaica by Epik Jones, Noah Powa, Rick Slatta and ZJ Vybz, the track has been blazing the streets. The youngsters have already caught on to the spanking new move, as is evident via the I-Octane school tour where Don Andre tested the waters. It’s crystal clear that everyone will be jogging into shape for the summer.





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