@DiRealShaggy’s “Boombastic” Featured In New @Chase Commercial!

Feeling like it’s 1995 again, “Mr. Lover Lover” a.k.a. Shaggy, had a song featured in one the latest commercials for US Banking giant, JP Morgan Chase Bank. The Commercial, promoting planning for Retirement, featured Shaggy’s 1995 hit, “Boombastic (Get It Here)” which provided the soundtrack to the 30 second clip. The single was previously featured in a 2015 Tide Commercial from the Philippines and has come a long way since being featured in a Commercial for Levi’s Jeans. “Boombastic” was the 2nd track and single off Shaggy’s Grammy winning album of the same name which went on to sell over a million copies in the US. Watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Levi’s Ad From 1995





promo banner




47 thoughts on “@DiRealShaggy’s “Boombastic” Featured In New @Chase Commercial!

      1. Animal fanatic here LOL

        Absolutely adore this commercial- piglet and the background music- perfect combination!

        Another precious commercial is the Petsmart? Dachshund with “bobo”; actually went out and bought 2 of those adorable “bobos”. :o)

      2. This is brilliant! Concept, sing, visuals, feel, messaging, the little boy face of disbelief, ah! It is ART!

    1. It looks like the Marina Del Rey/Venice area of L.A., but there are probably lots of places that look like that…I hate Chase, but I love the commercial, mainly the pig.

    2. It looks like the Marina Del Rey/Venice area of L.A., or maybe Santa Monica, but there are probably lots of places that look like that…I hate Chase, but I love the commercial, mainly the pig.

    3. That’s Echo Park in Los Angeles. In Google Street View / Images you can see that the boathouse, etc. on the other side of the lake is the same as in the commercial.

    4. Echo Park, Silverlake, CA. Used to have little boats that you peddle around the lake. I went there as a child in the late 50’s.

    5. Adore the commercial- being re-aired at present. Could watch this multiple- times daily for the rest of my life and not get tired of it; the background song is perfection for the ad. My other favorite is that adorable little dog that gets swiped along with the toy animal it loves at the checkout stand of Petsmart (Petco?) commercial. Only thing I didn’t like when the old “Bobo” was thrown away! I went out and bought a couple of them, myself, but didn’t let my fuzzballs harm them. LOL

  1. I absolutely LOVE this commercial. The pig totally stole the show and the song choice was brilliant. I just don’t get tired of watching this over and over again. Props to the marketing team at Chase.

    1. I am with you! Love this commercial, regardless of what they are promoting. I always look at the creativity that goes into any advertisement. This one is a home run for me, but I must admit, I love piggys or any baby animal. Anything that makes me smile is a winner. Kudos to the PR firm that came up with this one!

  2. Just cancelled my Chase, but LOVE the commercial! Who knew a piggie could trot like that?! So cute.

  3. I say Clio’s for everyone involved in conceiving, casting and shooting this spot. The pig is a Star, and the musical choice was the smartest in years. I’m a former copywriter, and I despise most of what passes for advertising these days. But this spot hits the bullseye on all levels.

  4. I love this commercial. The pig is adorable and the music is purfect. Kudos to the advertising team that put this together. I can’t stop watching this.

  5. Love the piggie trotting to the reggae tune. Perfect tune and tone. Wanted the words so I could sing and bop along! Makes me happy😊 Thanks for the lyrical trip!

  6. I want to project this ad on the outside of my house. Those are 2 retired English profs from small East Coast liberal arts coll. No snow! I love it and also hate Chase. So perfect – the colors, the man. More compelling than my favorite, “you can’t life the hammer” GE ad.

  7. Brought ham today and beginning to regret it. Loved the commercial the moment I saw it. I’m a Chase customer and have been a satisfied one. Will look into retirement planning options. This commercial puts Chase the oh so cool category.

  8. Love this commercial. The little boy in the blue shirt, the way he narrows his eyes at seeing that adorable pig – perfect. Awesome song choice, too.

  9. Does anyone know which version of Shaggy “boombastic” I would download from iTunes that is exactly as the version in the Chase commercial ?

  10. By far my favorite commercial to date! I love the pig & the retirees strutting to Shaggy’s song Bombastic, & the way the boy stares in disbelief. Very funny! It’s the only commercial I currently watch. I don’t necessarily like Chase but this commercial knocks it out of the park.

  11. Seems redundant given the other reviews, but this commercial is brilliant – perfect in every way.

    Also – please tell Chase to buy another round of avails during MSNBC’s Morning Joe. I miss this commercial and those horrible GE commercials are killing me.

    1. Ah, another Morning Joe watcher- just wish it weren’t on at 3am here- gotta get my DVD recorder working again. The commercial that makes me want to throw my set through the window is the recurring con-man My Pillow one.

  12. Ad agency must have created this entire spot around the music and it’s PERFECT. (I love this song!!)
    The pig, tempo, kids facial expressions final reveal of the ‘hip’ couple living life their way all come together for one of the most memorable spots I can recall.
    Congrats to both client and agency.

  13. One of my all time favorite commercials. It’s the perfect blend of visual and music. I never get tired of watching it and whoever came up with this deserves an award. Adore that pig.

  14. I love this commercial. The I hippie couple, the music, the pig and kid’s reactions are all perfect. I want a pet pig now too! Too cute. Although I thought the song was saying Mr. Bobaloba but that’s just me.

    1. Sounded the same to me- never knew about the song in 1995. I had to google to find out what the lyrics were- agree with another poster- utterly brilliant commercial- I just want it to keep going on and on and forget the program! LOL

    1. I’ve read up on “mini-pigs” do some real research before getting one; I’ve seen experts going negative and one breeder defending his/her pigs. The controversy seems to stem from the results of breeding and the health of the pigs that are breeders- the criticism seems to be that the little ones come out of genetic problems. I want one, too, if this weren’t the case, but I also hear about all of them (unless not well) get much larger than most of us would want. Don’t want a broken leg from a100-lb piggie sleeping on my bed haha

  15. So “you hate Chase”, where to begin. It’s a financial institution in the US, with the others are critical to 95% of useful Americans. Get over the liberal I hate banks bullshit. It’s a business like all others.

    1. Lots of dishonesty-corruption- in this industry. At the time you wrote this, the newest expose- Wells Fargo- has been in the news for several days.
      Someone very near to me wound up with a card unasked for, but in his case, he was delighted. He made sure they hadn’t pulled an inquiry (because of FICO scoring issues) but they hadn’t. No fees in his case.

  16. Don’t you people read? The attached article says the video was shot in the Philippines. That little boy has the best facial expression I’ve seen on a kid.

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