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Production Duo @DizTroyMusic Brings A Fresh New Sound To Jamaican Music!

The talented and forward thinking Producer duo Dale “Dizzle” Virgo and Troy Baker known as DizTroy, is the fresh sound in Reggae/Dancehall today.

The crafty mesh of styles and infectious grooves, lends way to an electric mash up of roots, which combine both Jamaican Sound System culture along with British and American musical influences such as: Dub, Brit Pop, Trap and EDM.

Bred in Jamaica, DizTroy is at the forefront,  cultivating something special and unique.  Songs that are firmly grounded at home but with loads of attitude, technically complex and musically edgy. In other words…creative and refreshing.
Pitchfork says of the duo “They’re a necessary jolt of Sunshine”.

The self-taught duo’s musical collection breeds life under the newly formed imprint Gee Jam, which is an off spring of acclaimed Gee Street Records, started in the early 80’s by the legendary Jon Baker.

The ambitious release schedule plays like an addictive flow that delves deep into the artistry of Mystic Davis, Versi and several other artists coming down the pipeline. A journey through soundscapes blending artful tapestry, broad strokes, experimental design with mainstream appeal.

DizTroy’s debut video “Mystic Strings” from Singer, Rapper and Dancer Mystic Davis was shot in and around Port Antonio by Kevin Lee and Savannah Baker, capturing her unique vitality and character.

“Her presence is striking–vocally and physically” says Revolt TV. Continues “The EP,   DizTroy ft Mystic Davis is an undeniable 6 hard hitting songs along with her pop, tick and bubble vibes. Lyrical dancehall-infused hooks, delivery and cantankerous vibes are impossible not to love”.

Look for other releases to including Versi with “Build me a Spliff.”  There will be videos for both songs. Gee Jam is part of the umbrella Gee Jam Collection which has hotel properties, as well as a recording studio.

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@DonAndre Explains Meaning Behind New Single “In It (Ain’t It)”

Hot newcomer, Don Andre is keeping his momentum on a high with a brand new release titled, “In It (Ain’t It)”. The track premiered earlier this week on Jamaica’s popular radio station, Zip FM.

Don Andre explained what the song was all about, “The term “In It (Ain’t It)” is just an English figure of speech that is frequently used amongst youths aging from as young as five years old. People outside the UK are usually fond of this slang, so I thought it would a great idea to make a song about the term, “In it”.”

“In It (Ain’t It)” was produced by prominent radio personality, ZJ Dymond’s Full Chaarge Records. The single will be available via all major music outlets for pre-order on September 9th, with an official release on September 23rd. The track is distributed by 21st Hapilos.

Don Andre came to prominence via his remake of the Shabba Ranks classic, “Needle Eye”, which peaked at #1 in Costa Rica. He has been nominated as Best New Artist of the year for the prestigious IRAWMA, among other awards. His ”Tom Cruise” single and dance move are also top contenders in their relevant categories.

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@DonAndre Pays Tribute To @UsainBolt With “Jog (Remix)”!

New sensation, Don Andre has released the remix to his new track, Jog. This new version was inspired by, the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt. “Firstly, I am a huge fan of Bolt. He sends the message that anything is possible. He’s an icon no doubt. I rewrote the lyrics in his honor and for us to show our respect and cheer him on for possibly his final Olympics,” Don Andre says.

Over the weekend Don Andre performed, Jog – “The Bolt Remix” for the first time at Club Amazura in New York, to much excitement. Marvin “The Beast” led a troupe of skilled dancers that included international Choreographer, Blacka who has worked with Rihanna and Major Lazer. They completed an energetic set for the Soca vs Dancehall event.

You catch Don Andre in action this Saturday performing at the YMZ concert with Disney Channel Star Ross Lynch and his band R5, as well as Whip/Nae Nae singer, Silento, in addition to Bling Dawg. He is also billed to appear at Reggae Sumfest andPhiladelphia Jerk Festival on August 28th in Fairmount Park.


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@DonAndre “Jogs” To Success!

British sensation, Don Andre is currently on a high with his number one single, Tom Cruise. He has now released his highly anticipated follow up, “Jog”. The video premiered on VEVO with over 50,000 views within its first 24 hours.

Don Andre is thrilled with the reviews being received for his new single. “Jog is already in full rotation on TV and radio. Fans have been uploading clips doing the new dance move and I am truly grateful for the support,” he said.

The “Jog” music video was directed by Damaniac Visulaz and shot in location in Cherry Gardens, Jamaica. Don Andre plays the role of a Gardener who throws a house party as soon as his boss departs for vacation.

Cameos came from familiar faces: MC Nuffy, Heavy-D and child actress, Journey Jewels from the cast of Nick Cannon’s upcoming Jamaican movie.

Don Andre came to prominence via his remake of the Shabba Ranks classic, “Needle Eye”. His breakthrough single, “Tom Cruise” is undeniably one of the most popular selections locally since the start of the year.

He is booked to appear at Reggae Sumfest, Dream Weekend, Club Amazura (NY) on July 1st, as well as the YMZ concert at the National Stadium alongside “Whip Nae Nae” singer, Silento and Disney star Ross Lynch.

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@DonAndre Controls @ReggaeSumfest Launch With “Tom Cruise”!

British-based entertainer Don Andre is a highly anticipated debut act for Reggae Sumfest 2016. He made quite an impact at the launch of the event at the Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records.

The entertainer delivered the chart-topper, Tom Cruise. Host Miss Kitty was fired up on stage and led in the excitement that filled the venue. Don Andre maintained the energy with the Sumfest dancers who taught the audience the new dance move, Jog.

I’ve always wanted to rock the Sumfest stage. I’m honored to be apart of their 24th Anniversary. Montego Bay is gonna be on fire come July 22nd, I guarantee you. I have a major set planned. I know Mr. Bogdanovich and the team are gonna be thrilled with the presentation.

I love the fact they are placing strong emphasis on the Reggae and Dancehall components this year. Tom Cruise is the song right now, everybody love it, so I have to represent well come Dancehall night,” Don Andre admits.

Don Andre made a major break through with his Tom Cruise record that is on top of the charts and played daily on multiple platforms. It is the choice dance move and song for children across the island and embraced by corporate entities.
Tom Cruise has been added to multiple international mainstream radio stations such as HOT 97 in New York, and BBC Radio 1 and 1 Xtra stations in the U.K. Don Andre has joined renowned British based acts Maxi Priest and JC Lodge to acquire hits to the magnitude of household names in Reggae’s homeland.

The Artiste came to prominence via his remake of the Shabba Ranks classic, Needle Eye. Tom Cruise is undeniably one of the most popular selections locally since the start of the year.

He is booked to appear at Dream Weekend, Club Amazura (NY) on July 1st, as well as the YMZ concert at the National Stadium alongside Whip Nae Nae singer, Silento, and Disney star Ross Lynch.

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PRESS RELEASE: @KAnthony7 Is “Billboard” Bound!

Canadian based recording artiste, K-Anthony has released a new single geared for a global breakthrough. The song has an international, pop sound and critics believe this is definitely a single to watch. “Billboard” is the title of the track produced by Dwain “Wiya” Campbell of Barbwiya Music. It sends a comprehensive message that you may not achieve the success and recognition that most would do anything to acquire, however there are other achievements that more meaningful and of even greater value.

The urban-gospel singer said, “Initially in my career my main aim was to be the epitome of Gospel music. Getting on the world renowned Billboard charts. I had a redefining moment in my life, while writing this song. My focus shifted from self to total surrender to God’s will. My musical passion became bigger than just getting on to charts. My new goal was to be a billboard for what I believed in. I yearn to remind Christians that being a billboard is their duty. We are the living advertisement for salvation and grace. The spirit of Jesus within us, should shine for the world to see.”

When you listen to this record you can clearly hear the influence of R &B music, particularly of Boyz to Men and Brian McKnight. They played integral roles in the defining moments for K-Anthony, encouraging him to select the musical path he travels today. His new album also titled, “Billboard” is due to hit music stores this May.

K-Anthony, given name Kevin Fowler is a former instructor of music at Northern Caribbean University. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music and an Associates degree in Mass Communication. His single “Heading To The Top” was a chart-topping single on the Caribbean’s Cross Country Countdown. For more information visit www.kanthonylive.com

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