PRESS RELEASE: G. Mandingo Pleased With New Songs

Fast-rising Dancehall Artiste G Mandingo is currently promoting his two latest songs, “Bounce Pon Dis” and “Girls Dem Nice”. “Bounce Pon Dis” is produced by G Mandingo while “Girls Dem Nice” is produced by upcoming Producer KC. Both songs are released on Di Balance Productions Label.

The songs, which are planned to be Summer hits, have been ripping up the airwaves on both the local and International scene. “The reception has been superb so far. So much so, that there is a debate as to which of the two songs are better. Radio and Mixtape Disc Jocks have rated these singles as the most creative effort that they have heard from me since the start of my career. Other people in the music industry love my latest efforts and have lauded me for the amount of growth that they have witnessed in my sound and productions over the years,” Expressed G Mandingo.

Upcoming Projects

Plans are on the way for the shooting and release of the videos for the songs that are currently being promoted by G Mandingo. Fans can also look out for the release of an upcoming EP entitled “DONWON” which is scheduled to be released later this year. “I am planning on releasing my EP titled “DONWON” in memory of my son Donwon “Buda” Shady who died in a tragic Bus accident on Easter Sunday.”

G Mandingo has been in the music industry for 5 years and has amassed a considerable amount of releases. The upcoming superstar is also known for songs such as “Everything Good”, “Tek Time Baby” and “Superstar”, all doing well on the local scene and the International market.





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