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Geno Is Fresh Out Of The Blocks With “Party Tun Up”!

With only a year of being on the scene, “Fresh out of the blocks” is how you can describe this new, young, and vibrant Singer/Songwriter Sugeno Grant, otherwise known as Geno.

He might be new to the industry, but he definitely has his sights vividly set on the prize and is determined to make his name a household fixture, and dreams of being known worldwide. Ready to get his career off to a blazing start and poised to work with the best in the music Industry, Geno is determined to leave his mark on this planet. At a young age, Geno recognized his talent and decided that he wanted to use his unique sound, diverse writing style and inspirational lyrics to set himself apart from anyone. His creative process involves him writing songs while listening to the rhythm selections, meditating, and creating the ultimate vibe as he pens his lyrics. Giving a voice to the voiceless and taking Jamaica back to the being the wonderful Paradise it once was is Geno’s aim. While he hasn’t gotten an opportunity to collaborate with any established Artistes or perform on a live stage as yet, Geno knows that the people of Jamaica will be yearning for his music once it hits their ears. Geno currently has his music available on iTunes, including his single titled “Party Tun Up” which was produced by Notnice Records on the “Ova Dweet Riddim”.

Geno believes success is not handed to you, but hard work and determination is the key. His aim is to enhance the lives of the people by entertaining, inspiring, and educating them through self-expression.






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