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G Medz Drops “Who Feels It Knows”

Emerging act G Medz is thrilled with the positive feedback that he has been getting for his latest single, “Who Feels It Knows”. Produced under his own Record Label, Fruitful Records, the song is a reflective piece that can be appreciated by everyone. The Artiste who hails from Frankfield, Clarendon is hoping that this song will be the one to propel his career to the next point and give him the much deserved recognition in the music business.

“The song is an excellent crafted one, the beats are very good and the lyrics are clean and wholesome. I took my time to work on this song, because I want it to be a hit.” Expressed G Medz. “Who Feels it Knows” was officially released the first of this month and is available for purchase on all digital platforms. Plans are already on the way for an accompanying video, which will be shot in various locations in the parish of Clarendon.

Challenges in the business

G Medz admits that one of the greatest challenges that he has faced in the business since embarking on his journey is the difficulty in getting to work with some known Producers. “I am still young in the game, but I am very talented. One of the biggest things for me is to work with some of the top Producers in the business and I am hoping that this song will open up this door for me.” Said G Medz. It is safe to say that G Medz is out to make a name for himself. He is currently working with Susan Smith of Powerhouse Global Media to aid him on his journey to success.





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