@SingerFabian’s “Truth” Sparks Online Buzz!

Cashflow Recording Artiste Fabian has been receiving mixed reactions online for the single ‘Truth’ produced by Psy-en-tiz from New York. The single which quotes Fabian’s Alter Ego, “Alkaline a run Dancehall an we all know a di truth dis… how teacha fi run Dancehall being incarcerated…” has received over 600,000 views since its release on YouTube.

Several Bloggers, Selectors, and Dancers have posted clippings of the video on their Instagram pages inclusive of Dancehall Queens Sher and Latesha. Fabian said, “As a young Artiste it’s hard for me to get my respect so I have to demand it especially as a Singer. This song shows a more hardcore Dancehall side of me and I have been receiving a lot of good feedback”. The Artiste who has been with Cashflow Records for over 5 years has been pushing barriers when it comes to his music.

Fabian who is known for his collaboration with Digicel Rising Star Winner Tash in 2011 titled ‘It’s In The Books’, released another song called ‘Nah Give Up’ on the ‘Psalms 91 Riddim’ which was produced by Cashflow Records. Fabian said, “I have great songs but they were often times not supported, but my single the Truth is currently creating a buzz within the Entertainment Industry”. The Artiste believes that he needed to step outside of just being a ‘Singer’ to now creating lyrics that he describes as ‘head turning’.

Fabian’s music can be found on cashflowmusicstore.com, on iTunes, and also on Social Media through Facebook/Fabian Albert Allen; Instagram @singerfabiancashflow and Twitter @singerfabian.





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