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“I Can’t Pretend!” Says @RealIboFire

Reggae Crooner Ibo Fire is busy promoting his new single, “I Can’t Pretend”. The single, produced by 12to12Muzik is already making rounds on major local Radio Stations. The song was first premiered a month ago by GT Taylor on Irie FM with a live in Studio Interview with the Artist. DJ Wayne from the Irie FM has also taken a liking to the song and has been giving it tremendous love. “I Can’t Pretend” has since taken over Suncity Radio Station and has been in constant rotation. JamRock Sound System and Fame FM Radio have also showed Ibo Fire immense love for the single. Ibo Fire stated, “It’s a positive song, no one in the world likes when a person is a pretender so conscious music like this will always get full attention. I am just going to continue to put out more good music and I thank everyone for the support so far.”

Ibo Fire’s Management Team recently asserted they are considering a video for the single. “Right now the people dem a cry for a video so we just have to comply. So pretty soon, look out for the video for “I Can’t Pretend”.” Ibo Fire recently performed the song at Integration Thursdays at U.W.I, and other community events where the song has become an anthem.

Other Projects

The Reggae Artist recently shot the video for “Holding On”, a song taken from the EP, “Gateway”. Scenes from Trench Town Culture Yard and Majesty Gardens were used as a backdrop to this masterpiece. He is also working on a 12 track Mixtape coming out soon and is gearing up for some shows this summer.





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