Ugandan Recording Artist @MCNormanGanja Releases “Special Request (No Lies)”

Ugandan Reggae/Dancehall Artist MC Norman recently released his brand new single, “Special Request (No Lies)”. Produced by Kron Productions, the Artist questions his role in a relationship and requests that his love interest tells the truth as they’ve had some rough episodes. The multi award winning Artist has been making his rounds in United States and has been receiving some favourable buzz thanks to his single “Ndiyabuza” which has appeared on the soundtracks to popular US Television Shows such as, “What My Husband Doesn’t Know”, “American Gangster”, and “The Game”. MC Norman was also a 7 time nominee in the International Music Awards recently held in the United States, and was nominated for “Best African Dancehall Artist” in the 2016 Afrimma Awards.

About The Artist

Born to Senior Eddy Ganja, a Ugandan music legend, Soloist and Vocalist with the Afrigo Band, MC Norman started off his music career in 1987 at the age of 12 by working with the Afrigo band which included Joanita Kawalya and Peterson Mutebi. Before he left Uganda, he was one of the top local MCs who had stints with the then high end Clubs like Missouri in Maganjo, Pulsations in Kabalagala, and many others. He later joined MM Disco Sound, and worked with Artists such as the late Ivan Matama, DJ Lubba Style, and Rhino Kalemba before joining Jose Chameleon and DJ Bernazor as Dancers and MCs for the Missouri Club every Wednesday and Friday.

MC Norman became a widely acknowledged MC after working with Sam Amooti and Paddy at Jaaja Ansinansi, and later working at Vibration Disco Club alongside Junior Plies Compious, DJ Roberto, DJ Henry and Lota. He later joined his brother and former “Bakayimbira Dramactors” Actor Philip Ganja in South Africa in 1998. Together they started “Ganja Music Productions”, a Music and Film Production company to help develop talented individuals. The two brothers have worked with some of the top South African Kwaito Artists including Arthur Mafokate, the late Zombo, Purity, and Penny Penny, the Shangani Music Star. Their Film Company was responsible for Productions like “Welcome To South Africa” which sold up to 2 Million copies in Uganda, and 5000 copies in South Africa on the day of its release. They also produced “Buladina”, a tribute Film about the life of fallen star, Paul Kafero.





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