@Protoje Puts A Red Alert On Injustice With “Blood Money”!

Protoje really had our attention in 2016.

With the release of his “Royalty Free EP”, appearances at Coachella, his launch of the “New Wave” concert series, and other various happenings, people are still asking if he’s dropping a follow up to the outstanding “Ancient Future” album anytime soon. While no word on that yet, Protoje has been feeling a lil on the crimson side late last year and it now manifests itself as his 2017 debut single, “Blood Money“.

Words by @Sef_Jo x @SwadeDaVillain

As Winta James did profoundly handling production of this extremely new track, Protoje sees BLXXD in his eye as he lifts the covers off of Corruption, Classism and the Injustice in Jamaica. On the Island, certain names can get you very far. Whilst on the flipside those very names could have been a part of illicit activities back in the day. It is so very important that we have someone like Diggy who understands the root cause of all this injustice that faces Jamaica and is able to express it so well musically. The revolution is nigh!

It is common knowledge that several highly revered names living and working in the Corporate and greater areas of Jamaica (Some say “Uptown”…) are heavily steeped in corrupt acts. They have washed their hands in the blood of the less fortunate. This knowledge is passed around via word of mouth at every level of the the Jamaican society. People of the lower class are often sent to jail for long term on charges for petty crimes whilst the rich get richer by stepping on promising people, and stealing poor people’s chances for a better life through shady Banking practices, corrupt Politics, faulty Healthcare, Insurance fraud, Drugs, segregation, etc. Those who are guilty of these crimes however, will never pay for their actions as money talks, bullshit walks.

Protoje’s call to action enlists Jamaicans at Yaad and abroad to take up arms via Social Media. Let’s get the message out there through painting the timelines red as a direct representation of the streets that continue to run red like the maroons of old. Be mindful of this as you give “Blood Money” a real good listen! It is an exceptionally crafted masterpiece and a great look to open the new year with.

Salud, Protoje
(Art Direction: Taj Francis)

Me nah watch no face, beg no more pardon
A nuff drugs money deh a Cherry Garden…


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