@GrungGaadZilla: The Modern Day “Dancehall Daddy”!

In this post we pay tribute to the 5 Star General because…we have to give people flowers while they can still smell them. Bless up Bounty!

Words by KingDavidJWill x SwadeDaVillain

Rodney Price, more popularly known as Bounty Killa, could be easily called the “Godfather of Dancehall” or the “The Modern Day Dancehall Daddy” based on his musical family tree. His Alliance Music Group started out of Killa’s love for music, which in return gave some of the best Dancehall acts the world has ever seen, namely Busy Signal, Wayne Marshall, Mavado, Vybz Kartel, Kiprich, Bling Dawg, and Aidonia. Outside of his group however, he also introduced us to many others including Spice, Twin of Twins, Cham, and Elephant Man (he was first discovered with his “Scare Dem Crew” members in the mid 90s). In 2011 Bounty made another addition by forming the Alliance Next Generation (A.N.G.) which gave us Iyara, Patexx, Marlon Binns, Kalado, Bridgez, Nymron, Assailant, K-Queens, Prince Pin, Dadda, Venon, Askel, Boom Steppa, 300 and many others. Bounty also lent his ear to Production labels like Pay Day Music, Echo One Productions, and DASECA Music (which is responsible for acts like Serani, Bugle, Dexta Daps, and Raine Seville). The list of names however, continues to grow.

The Alliance has solidified its position in Dancehall for years to come as many of its Artists went on to form other groups for themselves and discovering their own set of musical offsprings. First it was Vybz Kartel with his Gaza/Portmore Empire crew, then Mavado with his Gullyside sect, and Aidonia with his JOP/4th Genna group. Much credit to Bounty Killa for starting a wave pushing other Artists to want to help others or as we like to say “Buss a the Yutes”. Despite conflicts over the years, we were witness to one of the greatest rivalries when his “children” Vybz Kartel and Mavado squared off in the “Gaza vs Gully” beef series. Bounty Killa has had a hand in introducing DJ Khaled to a Jamaican audience, hosting his “It’s Tha Party” Birthday Bash series, “Saddle To The East” and “Bounty Sundays” which gave Artists (his and upcoming) a chance to showcase their talents, and became one of the Gatekeepers when it came to International Artists earning a pass in the Jamaican music scene (Sean Kingston, Kardinal Offishall, his son Major Myjah, and Safaree to name a few). If you didn’t have a collaboration with Bounty Killa, you’re really not saying anything (Busta Rhymes, Fugees, Safaree, No Doubt, Mobb Deep, Cocoa Brovaz, Swizz Beatz, Kardinal Offishall).

When all is said and done, I hope we never forget the legacy of Bounty Killa and what he has contributed to Dancehall music.

4 thoughts on “@GrungGaadZilla: The Modern Day “Dancehall Daddy”!

  1. There can only be one and bounty Killa his that man he has done so much for the music industry and make all the youth them Rich no Bennie no no shabba no ninja none of them can talk to the ground god bounty his my 5* general take that to the bank

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