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Elephant Man Gets Us Ready For The Christmas Parties With “Sling”!

There was a time when Dancehall Artists ensured that a Christmas song was a part of their catalogue. Some of our favourites would send it out early so that we could catch on to it just in time for the holiday parties, and the tunes would quickly become hits. For some time, that side of Dancehall died down, but the “Energy GodElephant Man is here to revive it with the video for the Younger Generation Productions-produced track, “Sling”.

Directed by Simeon Di Great, Elephant Man returns as Santa Claus to bring good tidings, and a whole heap of dancing! With his Dancers ready, Ele kicks off a few dance moves including the introduction of the “Sling” dance, and remixes the classic “This Old Man” to get us in a vibe. Elephant Man grants wishes of dance during a time where the Choppa songs have taken over the scene, and looks to incorporate even more dancing back in Dancehall. Let the holiday parties kick off in fine style, and done the “Shizzle” way!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Elephant Man – Chaka Chaka Dance (2004)

Today, we celebrate the Birthday of a Jamaican Music legend by the name of Elephant Man! For close to 30 years, Elephant Man has been giving you hits, brought an energy like no other, and has influenced many. For today’s Oldies Sunday selection, we highlight one of his dance hits, “Chaka Chaka Dance“!

Produced by Fire Links and released in 2004 on the “Chaka Chaka Riddim“, Elephant Man stepped out with a new song to promote the new dance called, “Chaka Chaka“. Having a knack for remixing popular songs and making them his own, Elephant Man borrowed the cadence from Eric “Monty” Morris’Sammy Dead” for “Chaka Chaka Dance”. With the line “Dance to di Riddim, Chaka Chaka…“, we were in for a fun time packed with high energy, and a workout. “Chaka Chaka Dance” was a hit for Elephant Man, appearing on charts in Jamaica and parts of the Caribbean. The single was further promoted with a Music Video directed by Llewellyn “BigDaddyLeo” O’Reggio, which was filmed during a staging of the weekly “Weddy Weddy” street dance event in Kingston, and featured many of the popular Jamaican Dancers.

Since the success of “Chaka Chaka”, Elephant Man continued to enjoy a more successful music career that is still very active. With a ton of hits to his name, “Chaka Chaka Dance” is high on the list for some.

Thank You Elephant Man For This Classic!


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Elephant Man Shares A Bagga Tings In @TheFixJA Interview!

Dancehall Artist Elephant Man is a legend, with a career that has been nothing short of impactful. We have been recognizing his greatness for years, and he deserves all the Flowers that should come his way. With hits, plaques, historic moments, and more under his belt, we know he has a lot to look back at and appreciate. Recently, he joined the good folks over at The Fix Podcast for an epic Interview.

Hosted by Naro and Ari, Elephant Man had plenty to discuss in an over 2 hour Interview. Ele spoke on his nearly 30 year career, the ascension of the “Energy God“, contributing to crossing over Dancehall in the 2000s, having a hand in the development and further exposure of some of your favourite Artists, thoughts on the impact of dancing songs in Dancehall, addressing Negus Imara and comments from fellow members of the Dancehall Fraternity, his past feud with Beenie Man, his kids, and a lot more! Elephant Man is to be appreciated, and his contributions should not be taken lightly and should be brought up in more conversations.


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Elephant Man Gives Us A “Cool Reminder”, Brings Dancers Together In New Video.

Elephant Man is a legend. Nearly 30 years in, Ele has been producing hits, and making the world dance. Known as the “Energy God“, he has been crafting catchy singles from some of your favourite tracks (check out this Playlist), and no matter who you are, you would find yourself dancing away to his songs. If your memory is a lil foggy, let him give you a “Cool Reminder“!

Done in collaboration with Producer Notnice, Elephant Man gives us a history lesson or few on “Cool Reminder”. While he reminds you of his reign, he name drops a few of his legendary friends who have contributed greatly to the culture. Accompanying the single is a music video directed by LinkzNotNiceRecords, and it features plenty Dancers who step out in the best way they know how while Ele deejays. Elephant Man continues to create new music, and further solidify his status as a Dancehall legend. What are your favourite Elephant Man tracks?

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We Highlight Some Of The Dancehall Artists Who Have Defined The 2010s!

December 31, 2019 marks the last day of the 2010s, and January 1, 2020 will mark the first day of a new decade. It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times, but today we look back at some of Dancehall Artists who have made an impact on the scene. With so many hits and moments, we know lists and faves will vary. Before we start, we want to thank everyone who has given our Blog and Social Media a chance since 2012. We’ve featured so many and have assisted in the careers of plenty, we look forward to doing even more in 2020, and beyond. Let’s get started with our lengthy list.

(Editor’s Note: Everyone’s list is different, so if you have a problem with this one…make your own!)

Vybz Kartel

I mean, what’s a list without the “World Boss“? A man who continued to add fuel to the fire of his musical career, long after making his debut in the early 2000s. With his entrepreneurial side blooming with a Shoe line, Liquor line, Nightclub, Merch, to even Condoms, Vybz was everywhere. He even had a Reality TV series, and kept up with quite a bit of controversy too. Despite him being thrown behind bars in 2011 and facing 35 years soon after, it didn’t stop him from recording music, and releasing singles and albums up to this day. Remember his “Freaky Girl” saga? We know you all have a few Kartel tracks in rotation.

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Spice is also an Artist you can’t deny when it comes to this list as well. Spice held it down for the ladies, and showed the men that she can handle her own. With so many bookings, i’m surprised there isn’t a row or an Airline named after her yet. Spice kept the hits coming, and flexed her entrepreneurial muscle as well with her “Spicey Couture” store which started growing since opening in 2009. With the help of Social Media, Spice’s brand got bigger, and took a major turn in 2018 when she was made a cast member on the popular VH1 Reality TV series, “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”. Spice welcomed her share of controversy as well which included relationship issues, and the topic of Colorism. With her career starting in the early 2000s, she kept the fire going like her “World Boss” colleague, and got crowned Queen in the process.

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.@ElephantManJA Yuh “Find It” With This New Track!

After teasing Social Media for a few days, Dancehall’sEnergy GodElephant Man brings some of that hit making vibes with his new track, “Find It“! Released through Downsound Records, Elephant Man is on a mission to “Tek it to dem” in this 4th quarter. While Ele is no stranger to making hits all year round, expect this one to be the life of the party and prompting many to break out in dance in the coming days!

(How about an Elephant Man Playlist? Click here.)

R.I.P. Louie Rankin and Mr. Wacky!

For you the listener, did Elephant Man “find it“? Check out the track below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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