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.@BusySignal_Turf Proceeds With Caution On “Yeng Yeng”

Are there any Bike lovers here? What is your favourite Bike? How about a Yeng Yeng Bike? Since the emergence of the Yeng Yeng Bike on Jamaican roads, it has been a great convenience for some, and a great annoyance for others. Jobs have been created thanks to them, while others use them for wrongdoing. Dancehall Artist Busy Signal shares his annoyances and gives a warning in the video for “Yeng Yeng“.

Shot in Kingston, we see Busy Signal having a not so great time with a few Yeng Yeng riders in the video. Paranoia hits while he’s driving among them, and he shares that it can be a pain to hear them. We also see the evils some of the riders do to common folk, and they share their spoils among each other in the end. Busy Signal delivers as usual on the track, and video helps to bring more Yeng Yeng Bikes to more screens, either making viewers heed to more warning, or fueling their interest in acquiring one. Remember Ninja Bikes?

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It’s Time For @Bawse_Dawg To “ELEV8” With New Album

It’s been a long time coming, but Dancehall/Reggae Artist Bling Dawg is finally taking his career to the next level. Breaking out in the early 2000s armed with a aggressive raspy flow and a commanding presence, Bling Dawg had everyone saying, “If anuh me a who” and “A Ricky Rudie! A.k.a. Bling Dawg!“. While he has a respectable amount of hit singles to his name, he never gave his fans an album. After a few transformations in his personal life and career, Bling Dawg’s vision is clearer than ever. Today, Bling Dawg releases his album, “ELEV8“.

Featuring 19 tracks, “ELEV8” is released through US/Guyana based label Creative Titans. The album finds Bling Dawg on a journey to expand his mindset, deliver music with a message, and still show that even after 20+ years, he still can make great music. This is Bling Dawg’s world, and he shares his perspective on various topics, provides some consciousness when we need it, tackles every production thrown his way, and stays sharp on every line. When you have sounds from Damian “Junior Gong” Marley, Dawg House Productions, Baby G, Ferdinand “Young Boy” Maynard Jr., Bobby Digital, Dameon Gayle, Bulby York, and Starplayer Music Group are on board, you’re in for something special. Bling’s not alone on “ELEV8” as he brings along friends like Popcaan, Christopher Martin, Tanya Stephens, Romain Virgo, Morgan Heritage, Bounty Killa, and Busy Signal for this new uplifting journey. “ELEV8” is a solid release from an Artist who despite the odds, emerged more focused than ever, never chased trends, and showed that his work is not done. It’s time for something new.

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Bounty Killa, Vybz Kartel , & Busy Signal - Dats Gadzilla on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #BountyKilla #VybzKartel #BusySignal #Dancehall #Jamaica

It’s A Family Reunion On Bounty Killa, Vybz Kartel, & @BusySignal_Turf’s “Dats Gadzilla”

For 3 decades, Dancehall Artist Bounty Killa has built his career from being a Lyricist, to one of Dancehall’s living legends. Bounty has built careers, killed careers, and laid foundations for the future generations to be inspired by. He is controversial, militant, but mostly celebrated. Today, we see that he’s not out of the game as he is preparing for the release of his biggest album yet, “King Of Kingston“. Before we get to experience that, he unleashes a much anticipated single called, “Dats Gadzilla“.

Produced by EscoDaShocker and Yo Christon, “Dats Gadzilla” is a much anticipated single from Bounty Killa featuring Vybz Kartel and Busy Signal. The Artists do damage on this track, showcasing that despite their many years in music, they are as sharp as ever, and can create songs that will surely connect with the world. Talk about a family reunion as Bounty reconnects with his musical sons to create a track that will be catching fire in no time. Bounty Killa had a highly publicized feud with Vybz Kartel for years and Busy had words with Kartel, but they have all patched things up since. The great thing about this collaboration, it will have long time fans seeing some much needed unity. With “King Of Kingston” on the way, expect a lot more big moments from the “Grung Gaad Zilla“!

(Editor’s Note: Shout out whoever designed the Artwork, tell us who did it on IG.)

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.@BusySignal_Turf Featured On @Omarion’s “The Kinection” Album

US R&B/Pop artist Omarion has enjoyed a long career as a member of the boy band B2K, and as a solo artist. With plenty of hits under his belt, he has proved to himself and the world that anything is possible once you put in the work. Recently, he released his 6th studio album, “The Kinection“, and it features Dancehall artist, Busy Signal!

Teaming up for the album’s opener, “Goddess“, Omarion dabbles in a blend of Pop and Island sounds while delivering his signature vocals throughout. Busy Signal steps in near the end with the opening line, “Bubble bubble gyal don’t slow down, things feel better when you go down…” and brought even more vibes to the track. Busy has been racking up International collaborations for years, and has never missed the mark. Prior to Omarion, he was featured on Major Lazer’s latest album, “Music Is The Weapon“.

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.@ShenYeng @BusySignal_Turf & @SkipMarley Featured On New @MajorLazer Album

The trio known as Major Lazer has been tapped into the Caribbean since the beginning. Whether they’re sampling Reggae/Dancehall classics, or putting a modern spin on some of the genres, or collaborating with future Caribbean legends, they have opened up a lane for a wider audience. Returning to the scene with a new member Ape Drums (Trinidad’s Jillionaire left the group in 2019 to pursue a solo career), Major Lazer gives us the new album, “Music Is The Weapon” which finds Shenseea, Busy Signal, and Skip Marley as featured guests on the tracks “Tiny“, “Sun Comes Up“, and “Can’t Take It From Me” respectively.

Shenseea, Busy Signal, and Skip Marley are no strangers to International collabs, and Busy Signal has been racking up appearances on Major Lazer projects for a long time. Major Lazer continues to blend genres together and make the whole world dance, and the featured artists help to bring even more vibes. “Music Is The Weapon” is out now! Check out the tracks below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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We Highlight Some Of The Dancehall Artists Who Have Defined The 2010s!

December 31, 2019 marks the last day of the 2010s, and January 1, 2020 will mark the first day of a new decade. It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times, but today we look back at some of Dancehall Artists who have made an impact on the scene. With so many hits and moments, we know lists and faves will vary. Before we start, we want to thank everyone who has given our Blog and Social Media a chance since 2012. We’ve featured so many and have assisted in the careers of plenty, we look forward to doing even more in 2020, and beyond. Let’s get started with our lengthy list.

(Editor’s Note: Everyone’s list is different, so if you have a problem with this one…make your own!)

Vybz Kartel

I mean, what’s a list without the “World Boss“? A man who continued to add fuel to the fire of his musical career, long after making his debut in the early 2000s. With his entrepreneurial side blooming with a Shoe line, Liquor line, Nightclub, Merch, to even Condoms, Vybz was everywhere. He even had a Reality TV series, and kept up with quite a bit of controversy too. Despite him being thrown behind bars in 2011 and facing 35 years soon after, it didn’t stop him from recording music, and releasing singles and albums up to this day. Remember his “Freaky Girl” saga? We know you all have a few Kartel tracks in rotation.

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Spice is also an Artist you can’t deny when it comes to this list as well. Spice held it down for the ladies, and showed the men that she can handle her own. With so many bookings, i’m surprised there isn’t a row or an Airline named after her yet. Spice kept the hits coming, and flexed her entrepreneurial muscle as well with her “Spicey Couture” store which started growing since opening in 2009. With the help of Social Media, Spice’s brand got bigger, and took a major turn in 2018 when she was made a cast member on the popular VH1 Reality TV series, “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”. Spice welcomed her share of controversy as well which included relationship issues, and the topic of Colorism. With her career starting in the early 2000s, she kept the fire going like her “World Boss” colleague, and got crowned Queen in the process.

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