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Entertainers Link Up To Feed The Homeless On Easter Sunday

The Covid 19 pandemic may have put a stop to a lot of activities, but it could never stop the various acts of kindness. On Sunday April 12 (Easter Sunday), Natural Bond Entertainment teamed up with Sponge Music and the Bad Ras Movements to feed the homeless in Mandeville, Manchester.

While various parts of Jamaica are still being worked on to provide safe havens for the less fortunate on the street, the Entertainers which included the “Rum BossLybran and Kyng Sameer, gathered hot meals, cold drinks, and even some Bun and Cheese as a way of giving back, and to show that good deeds will never cease, even during a pandemic. The Covid 19 pandemic has so far seen 72 positive cases as of Sunday, with 16 recoveries and hundreds of samples being collected for testing.

Along with their acts of kindness, the Bad Ras Movements will be kicking off their “Corona MondayEaster Fest on April 13. Starting at 8 PM, they will go live through their Facebook and Instagram pages where they will be playing the hits, and provide some well needed positive energy. A special performance by Lybran is scheduled to happen as well, along with a few surprises. We advise everyone to stay safe during this pandemic, abide by the rules, and don’t shy away from being kind today.

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