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.@KyngTavii Deals With a Greedy Friend In “2 Beggy Beggy”!

Ever had a friend or knew someone who just wanted everything that you had? In the terms of food, they always wanted some of what you have, but never have any to share with you in return. We’ve all been there at some point. Kyng Tavii had to deal with one in his new video, “2 Beggy Beggy“.

The video finds Kyng Tavii waiting in the park with a friend when hunger took him on suddenly. Not wanting to leave the park and his friend behind for some proper food, he sought for a snack from his bag. His friend, who was also hungry, decided to ask him for share his snack. After a few rejctions, Tavii finally shared, and had to regret it soon after as his friend proceeded to consume all of it. Obviously unhappy about it, Tavii decided to do something that will make his friend never ask him for anything again. Keep watching below to see what happened.

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