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OLDIES SUNDAY: Shades – She’s Gonna Marry Me (1969)

The month of June is a popular month for Weddings around the world, so why give you all something to add to the playlist? For Oldies Sunday, we go back in time to check out a track by a singing trio named Shades called, “She’s Gonna Marry Me“!

Produced by Winston Riley, Shades’ “She’s Gonna Marry Me” was released through Riley’s Techniques label in 1969. On the track, lyrics about looking forward to marriage are shared, and what the experience will be like when it comes to marrying the love of your life. Shades was a short-lived group composed of former The Techniques Vocalist Bruce Ruffin, former The Paragons member Tyrone Evans, and a 3rd singer who remained anonymous. Given that Bruce Ruffin was a member of The Techniques, some outlets printed copies of Shades’ single with credit given to The Techniques. Nonetheless, “She’s Gonna Marry Me” was a hit for Shades, and was even covered by Reggae singer Junior Delgado in 1979. Since the release of “She’s Gonna Marry Me”, Bruce Ruffin went on to work with numerous Artists and Producers, and even took on a career in Law after the disbandment of Shades, while Tyrone Evans emigrated to the United States, and continued to work with numerous Artists and Producers, and even re-joined The Paragons before passing away in 2000.

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