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OLDIES SUNDAY: Shades – She’s Gonna Marry Me (1969)

The month of June is a popular month for Weddings around the world, so why give you all something to add to the playlist? For Oldies Sunday, we go back in time to check out a track by a singing trio named Shades called, “She’s Gonna Marry Me“!

Produced by Winston Riley, Shades’ “She’s Gonna Marry Me” was released through Riley’s Techniques label in 1969. On the track, lyrics about looking forward to marriage are shared, and what the experience will be like when it comes to marrying the love of your life. Shades was a short-lived group composed of former The Techniques Vocalist Bruce Ruffin, former The Paragons member Tyrone Evans, and a 3rd singer who remained anonymous. Given that Bruce Ruffin was a member of The Techniques, some outlets printed copies of Shades’ single with credit given to The Techniques. Nonetheless, “She’s Gonna Marry Me” was a hit for Shades, and was even covered by Reggae singer Junior Delgado in 1979. Since the release of “She’s Gonna Marry Me”, Bruce Ruffin went on to work with numerous Artists and Producers, and even took on a career in Law after the disbandment of Shades, while Tyrone Evans emigrated to the United States, and continued to work with numerous Artists and Producers, and even re-joined The Paragons before passing away in 2000.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Anthony Malvo & Tiger – Come Back To Me (1989)

It’s a new month, and it’s a month that’s popular with Weddings so expect love songs! For today’s Oldies Sunday selection, we go back in time to check out Anthony Malvo and Tiger’s (Happy Birthday to the boss!) single, “Come Back To Me“.

Produced by Winston Riley on the Legal Rights Riddim and released through the Techniques label in 1989, “Come Back To Me” is a Dancehall remix of US R&B group The Deele’s (which included Babyface and L.A. Reid) classic, “Two Ocassions“. Anthony Malvo sings away a cut of the original track while Tiger gives us his signature deejaying as it’s all about love here. A music video was released for “Come Back To Me”, and it featured Dancehall personality Pinky, and her sister who would become a future Dancehall Queen named Carlene. This one is for the couples out there, we hope you’re keeping the love alive during the pandemic. Play this one at a high volume!

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Reggie Stepper’s “Cu Oonuh” Sampled On @Logic301’s “Bobby Tarantino 2”!

Are there any Logic fans here? Known for dropping stand out lyrics in the modern era of Hip Hop, he continues to expand his brand with the release of his latest Mixtape, “Bobby Tarantino 2“. Comprised of 13 tracks, he tackles various issues, brings along some of his friends, and makes listeners know he’s still sharp with the bars. Starting off track 11 however, listeners may hear some familiar vocals. Previously heard on Kanye West’s 2012 track “Mercy“, Dancehall/Reggae Artist Reggie Stepper’sCu Oonuh” was sampled on the Big Sean featured, “Wassup“! “Cu Oonuh” was produced by the late Winton Riley on the Stalag Riddim, and released on the Techniques label in 1993. “Wassup”, which was produced by 6ix, borrows the legendary intro of the track which was done by Fuzzy Jones. “Cu Oonuh” was also sampled on Lil Wayne and Drake’s “Believe Me“, and The Roots’ “Push Up Ya Lighter“. Logic is no stranger to performing on Dancehall/Reggae samples as Barrington Levy’s “The Vibes Is Right” was sampled on his 2016 track, “44 Bars“.

Logic’s “Bobby Tarantino 2” is now available on all major streaming services. Hear the tracks below.

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