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OLDIES SUNDAY: Jessie Ripoll Children’s Choir – Hands Across Jamaica (1995)

Happy Sunday, and it’s a new month! May is recognized as Child’s Month, and on Oldies Sunday we celebrate the youth. For today’s selection, we go back a couple decades for a song that has touched many, and was presented by the youth. Today we look back at the Jessie Ripoll Children’s Choir’sLet’s Join Hands Across Jamaica For Righteousness“.

Released in 1995 as through the “Hands Across Jamaica For RighteousnessOrganization which was founded by Motivational Speaker, Yvonne Coke, “Hands Across Jamaica” was the theme song for the Organization which sought to achieve “Motto, Anthem and Pledge (MAP) until every Jamaican is made fully conscious of the potential of their godly inheritance of beauty, fellowship and prosperity, and move to fulfill Jamaica’s mandate to advance the welfare of the whole human race.” The song was performed by members of the Jessie Ripoll School’s Children’s Choir, and was a staple in the media for years. The song was also given a music video treatment which was produced by the Creative Production & Training Centre (CPTC). This selection may bring back a lot of memories for some, including former members of the Children’s Choir. Let the kids inspire you to do some good today.

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