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.@RoshReignMusic Inks New Management Deal, Releases “Easy” With @DevinDiDakta!

Montego Bay based Recording Artist Rosh Reign is on the verge of taking her brand to a new level of greatness. The “Yellow Boss” formerly known as Rosh Rebel, has been showcasing her talent on various platforms across Jamaica, and has released singles that have become mainstays on numerous playlists. She recently made an upgrade to her career by signing a management deal with CityRock Entertainment, and will be taking her career to new markets in the near future. Her first release since inking the new deal, is the single, “Easy”.

Produced by ZHI King and featuring Dancehall Lyricist Devin Di Dakta, Rosh Reign delivers a modern Dancehall single that connects with the listener’s energy, prompting them to get up and dance. A track that fuses Rosh’s smooth vocals and energetic vibe with Devin Di Dakta’s unique flow and delivery over some infectious production, “Easy” looks to become one of 2022’s breakout tracks. Accompanying the new single, is a music video directed by Warrior Films Ja, and Xamaica Royals. Shot in Portland, the Artists show great chemistry onscreen as they deliver a song that seeks to inspire new connections and good times.

Fresh from sharing the stage with some of Jamaica’s best talents at the “Live Music Lives” event at Pier 1 on June 11, Rosh Reign is preparing to cover more ground this summer. With CityRock Entertainment guiding her career, Rosh Reign is excited to see what’s in store in the next chapter. Rosh urges her “Yellow Massive” to be on the lookout for more content and announcements, and to keep supporting her music on all platforms.

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Devin Di Dakta's "PsYcH wArD" on #Jamaica

.@DevinDiDakta Takes His Lyricism To The “PsYcH wArD”!

Devin Di Dakta is an Artist you can’t deny when it comes to making songs. His lyricism is both hailed as great, and underrated as he’s at times left out of the Dancehall conversations. Regardless, he continues to release fiery tracks, and level up his brand. For his latest release, he makes bold statements that he has made the longest and most lyrical Dancehall song in history, and has released Jamaica’sFirst 1 Track EP” in the form of, “PsYcH wArD“.

Produced by Slaybad Musiq and with a video directed by Yaadboiiz Films, Devin Di Dakta gives viewers an epic showcase of lyricism for 10 minutes straight from a Padded Room. Having a few years in, Devin doesn’t show a sign of slowing down, and proceeds to have your attention with punchline after punchline. You can say his style is crazy, and he may be a mad genius, but he’s not losing it on this track. The 1 track EP isn’t the first time Devin has been stretching his creativity as he released the “iAMe001-003” Visual EP series in 2020, and commanded attention with the content behind his “Bare Meds EP” from earlier this year. Devin is still thinking outside the box with the “PsYcH wArD EP”, get familiar.

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RR Changes Name To @RREOfficial After Gaining International Attention

Recording Artiste Renee Reid popularly known as RR has now changed her name to ‘Rre’ (pronounced Ree). The Rev Out Di RR Singer is signed to John John Music Group and has garnered the interest of an oversees label. Shelly-Ann Curran of John John Music Group said “This change is long overdue but it is a part of a re-branding initiative for Rre”.

Rre recently released her collaboration with Devin Di Dakta known as Rev Out Di RR produced by Christopher Birch for Birchill Music on the ‘Moskato Riddim’. Rre said “I am truly excited to take my career to the next level; I have two new Dancehall tracks that I will be releasing soon titled Every Head Turn and One Girl Army so look out for those”.

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Rre was exposed to music and dance at a tender age. She has performed on several major stages and is ready to cross over with her new single Every Head Turn. The single produced by Sham of Real Records Label in the United Kingdom is on the ‘Hardcore Riddim’. Rre and her management group are now on the promotional trail and will begin media runs next week. She can be followed on Twitter at @RreOfficial and Instagram at @RreOfficial.

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@RR_Musiq, @DevinDiDakta1 Gear Up To Perform At @ReggaeSumfest!

Devin Di Dakta has been booked for the newly revamped Reggae Sumfest. The artiste who recently released the collaboration with dancehall’s new naughty girl RR entitled ‘Rev Out Di RR’ is now eager to hit the stage with RR by his side. Both artistes signed to the John John Music Group label have been receiving great reviews for the single and airplay locally and internationally.

RR has collaborated with artistes such as Movado, Sizzla and Bay C to name a few.  Additionally, she has been working with several producers on releasing new sizzling dancehall singles for the summer. RR said “I am excited that Devin has invited me to perform with him on Reggae Sumfest. This will be my first time and I am preparing for a mind blowing performance”. Devin added “RR is a growing brand and she is an incredible talent, we have great chemistry on stage”.

Manager for both artistes Shelly-Ann Curran of John John Music Group is also excited about the venture and is satisfied with the progress of both acts. “What we have at John John Music Group is a double dose of passion and talent so we believe that they will leave their mark on Reggae Sumfest”.

Both artistes performed ‘Rev Out the RR’ for the first time at the Youth View Awards earlier this year and again at Magnum Beach Invasion.  RR can be followed on Instagram and Twitter @RR_musiq and Devin Di Dakta @DevinDiDakta

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PRESS RELEASE: @RR_Musiq: The New Naughty Girl In Dancehall

Usually known for her sultry collaborations and modest style, Renee Reid popularly known as RR (pronounced Double R) has shocked her fans with a new ‘steamy’ video with Devin Di Dakta. The collaboration, ‘Rev Out the RR’, is produced by Christopher Birch for Birchill Music and on the ‘Moscato Riddim’ and has turned many heads resulting in her fans branding RR as ‘The New Naughty Girl in Dancehall’.

The single has been receiving support locally and internationally and has become a notable collaborative effort. Manager for both artistes Shelly-Ann Curran of John John Music Group is also very excited about the success of the single and the newly released video. She shared, “I ampleased with this collaborated effort and I am very happy to have signed RR to my label. She is a perfect fit. For those who know me well I am very picky when it comes to who I manage but I see a very bright further with her”.

RR is known for major collaborations such as ‘A Dat Yuh Wah’ featuring Sizzla and ‘Crazy in Love Remix’ featuring Mavado. She is now eager to journey further into dancehall; she said “Devin’s style is very hardcore but I bring the sexy side of dancehall and I love it!” When asked about working with Devin Di Dakta she described it as “an easy and memorable task”.

Both artistes performed ‘Rev Out the RR’ for the first time at the Youth View Awards earlier this year and is eagerly anticipating their performance at Reggae Sumfest 2016 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. RR can be followed on Instagram and Twitter @RR_musiq and Devin Di Dakta @DevinDiDakta.

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NEW VIDEO: @TheReleaseJA Season 2: Ep. 9

The Release” is an Entertainment Program featured on Hype TV every Tuesday at 8:30 PM, with repeats on Thursday and Saturday at 6:30 PM. Hosted by Talisa Taylor, the program features some of the newest entertainment releases and upcoming events. This week’s show was co-hosted by D-Medz who also gave an exclusive Behind The Scenes look at his “Rebel Souljah” video shoot while Devin Di Dakta and Yung JR were featured in the show. If you want to check out season 1 and previous releases, look here. To get your releases featured, please email and tell them 13thStreetPromotions sent you. Check out the latest releases below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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