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.@Konshens & @DextaDapsMusic Own The Ladies On “Say My Name”!

The ladies are gonna go crazy for this one. If you’re a follower of Dancehall Artist Konshens, you know he always has a fire tune for the ladies. Recently, he released a bunch of them via a project titled, “Raw“. With 14 tantalizing tracks, the temperature will definitely climb even in the coldest of spaces when this is played. What will open the flood gates however, is track #9 “Say My Name” featuring Dexta Daps, another Artist who keeps the ladies on cloud 9 consistently. Produced by Dre Day and SOS Dynamikz (a lil about him here), the duo are competing for the #1 spot for the ladies, as they know what they do to ensure the women come back for more. For some, the final pick is tough, but the final decision needs to be made. Who do you need inside your world? Whose is it? Say his name now! Check out the track below, and share with a friend! Show us some love on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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@MIAUniverse Calls Up @DextaDapsMusic For “Foreign Friend”!

They say when it comes to good friendships, distance can never ruin it. Today, Recording Artist/Producer M.I.A. recruits Dancehall Artist Dexta Daps for “Foreign Friend“! A single that promotes being a best friend in every way, this is indeed a dope meeting of lyrics and vocals from two very creative Individuals. M.I.A., who has been no stranger to Jamaica, revealed that during her recent trip to the Island, she heard Dexta on the radio and was inspired and encouraged to collaborate with him. A fan of his single, “Morning Love“, this drew an even greater interest in making music together. Dexta, who is known for his powerful deliveries and strong lyrics, was a perfect match for the single as he kicked off with “Imma treat yuh like mi best friend…“. Go best friend, go best friend! Off M.I.A.’s upcoming A.I.M. album, check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @DextaDapsMusic

Since given the huge cosign from Bounty Killa as “Best New Artist“, has Singjay Dexta Daps lived up to expectations? With a couple hits to date, some wonder if he can continue dishing them out. Tonight on Onstage, he speaks on that and more. Here Dexta discussed his single “Slavery (Miss Yuh Touch)” that’s to be his next hit, living up to Bounty Killa’s cosign, his unique musical style, aiming to give fans more music to sing to and more. Dex also premiered the music video for “Slavery (Miss Yuh Touch)“, With Winford giving the song the “Baby making music” stamp, let’s see how far the song goes. Check out the Interview below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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