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.@Konshens & @DextaDapsMusic Own The Ladies On “Say My Name”!

The ladies are gonna go crazy for this one. If you’re a follower of Dancehall Artist Konshens, you know he always has a fire tune for the ladies. Recently, he released a bunch of them via a project titled, “Raw“. With 14 tantalizing tracks, the temperature will definitely climb even in the coldest of spaces when this is played. What will open the flood gates however, is track #9 “Say My Name” featuring Dexta Daps, another Artist who keeps the ladies on cloud 9 consistently. Produced by Dre Day and SOS Dynamikz (a lil about him here), the duo are competing for the #1 spot for the ladies, as they know what they do to ensure the women come back for more. For some, the final pick is tough, but the final decision needs to be made. Who do you need inside your world? Whose is it? Say his name now! Check out the track below, and share with a friend! Show us some love on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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.@X3myst Keeps It G Like A “Smood Criminal” In New Video

X3myst is an Artist you need to get familiar with. With his brand of Dancehall, he is on his way to running things. On a mission to make money, babies, and history however, he keeps it G in his latest video, “Smood Criminal“. Directed by Rael Emmanuel, you won’t find X3myst rocking a white suit with the matching Fedora like the late Michael Jackson here. What you will find in this visual, is X3myst making moves to infiltrate his target, and make him disappear for good. A very clean visual that would still be enjoyable even if it had a 90 minute run time. Don’t take X3myst for a fool, he has Snipers everywhere. Who dis Dre Day a introduce? R.I.P. Nick. Check out “Smood Criminal” below, and show us some love on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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PRESS RELEASE: Spit Fiyah Banking On “Island Sun”

Emerging Singjay Spit Fiyah is hoping his latest song “Island Sun” will find favour among listeners.

“My aim was to sing about that type of person [who] you just can’t get enough of emotionally, physically, and mentally. That person who your love for them goes deeper than romance”

“Island Sun” is produced by Chinchilla Music and Dre Day Production. The single was released in April. According to Spit Fiyah, “Island Sun” has been receiving favourable reviews. He anticipates chart success. Available on iTunes, the Singjay said he’s been bumping up the promotions on Social Media. “I have had a fan from Alaska write to me about the song. I’ve been looking for a new sound and this is really satisfying,” he said.

Spit Fiyah (given name Antroy Palmer) said he knew music was his calling. “I used to write poems and people would say they like it, so a thought came to my mind to try and write a song. I then started off Rapping, but eventually found my way back to my roots of Dancehall/Reggae,” he said. His other release is “Love Me Song”.

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