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Glorii Shares His “Paralyzed Thoughts” In New Video!

Times are serious, especially for a black person living in the Caribbean. The topic of Mental Health continues to be brought up in many conversations as the everyday life can be detrimental, and many of us are just trying to find a way out of the madness. Upcoming Dancehall Artist Glorii is one of those going through it, and with his new video, he shares his “Paralyzed Thoughts“.

A collaboration with Dynasty Global Jamaica, the KD Visuals-directed video finds Glorii just holding firm, trying to overcome the many challenges he faces. On a mission to make the money that will take him and his family out of poverty, he is met with people who will put him 6 feet deep for nothing, or try to sidetrack his journey. While he’s no angel, he shares his thoughts with God, and prays that he is guided along the way, and forgiven for his transgressions. Glorii has been on the scene for some time, and has a number of singles that have been making their way to various headphones and speakers worldwide. It’s never easy in this life journey, but we pray for better days.

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Rytikal Returns To The Throne In “The King Is Back”!

Dancehall Artist Rytikal is getting back to business, and he’s here to conquer the scene. The Deejay has been consistent with his music for quite some time, securing a few hits in the process. Ready with a new energy, he steps out with the music video for the track, “The King Is Back“!

Directed by ReelVisions, Rytikal takes his seat at the throne as he’s ready to make a bigger impact. Over the Dynasty Global production, he’s stacking up his money, moving his product to more territories, and chopping and connecting all lines to increase his presence. Rytikal has gained respect in Dancehall as one of the more lyrical acts out of the new batch of Deejays from the past couple years, and he has managed to hold his own in a scene where a new sensation is celebrated every few weeks. Expect Rytikal to do even more this year.

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.@UnclSVM Releases Visual For, “1-800-Hurt”!

Like a Rocket to the Moon, Recording Artist SVM is elevating. He has been working on his consistency through the release audio and visual content, and his growing fanbase has assisted in placing him as one of the Artists to listen to in 2022. Fresh off of the release of the video for his “Sprayground” single, SVM follows up with the visual for the track, “1-800-Hurt“.

Directed by ReelVisions, SVM shares some of his thoughts on the Dynasty Records produced “1-800-Hurt”. Whether he makes observations on what’s going in the world around him, or dealing with Women who seek fame from aligning themselves with him, or keeping his focus on success and not negativity, SVM delivers it in a unique way that utilizes melody. One of Trap Dancehall’s newest presenters, SVM is making moves, just keep your eyes on his progress.

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Padrino’s “Right Here” Is The Feel Good Love Song You Need!

Bahamian Recording Artist Padrino has been steadily elevating in his own lane for many years. From releasing great singles, to producing and writing for other Artists, he has been gaining attention from many around the world, including some very prominent names. Not letting his foot off the gas, he has been consistently dropping new music, and has plans to do even more. Today, we get to check out one of his latest releases, “Right Here“.

Produced by Attomatic Records/Dynasty Entertainment Group on the “A Letter To You Riddim“, Padrino puts pen to paper, and with a lil inspiration from SVW’s classic single, “Right Here“, and Michael Jackson’s timeless “Human Nature” single, we get a song that’s definitely for the lover in you. With some great vocals delivering the well penned lyrics, Padrino may have found his next hit as we know this will be a repeater for many who in love, or celebrating love. It’s a serious thing when a man loves a woman. Play this at a high volume!

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Yung Ras Delivers The Melodies On “She Likes”

Sometimes, the best way for someone to express themself is through song. Recording Artist Yung Ras has been doing that for quite some time, and has yielded excellent results. A few weeks ago, he went viral thanks to a video of him singing his heart out. Naturally, people wanted to hear more, and they’ll get it in the form of today’s post. We present to you Yung Ras’ new single, “She Likes“.

Produced by DenoDidItRight! and Mxssivh for Attomatic Records and Dynasty Records, Yung Ras sings of the praises he gets when he treats his lady right. From giving her the best love, he drops lyrics about what he does to keep her going, and at the same time exalts her for being amazing. The song was produced on the “My Letter To You Riddim“, and was given a visual treatment which was directed by Kreative Klique. Expect this track and visual to go viral, and we know Yung Ras has a lot more tricks up his sleeves for the coming months. Stay tuned.

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NEW MUSIC: @MasickaMusic – From Them Diss (GraveDigger Riddim)

Lyricist Masicka makes it clear in his new single that he won’t tolerate being disrespected and there will be retaliation once it happens. Titled “From Them Diss” and produced by Dynasty Records on the “GraveDigger Riddim“, the deejay drops his hard hitting lyrics and makes his point across without doing much. Respect the deejay. Check out the song below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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