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Truvi Is Ready For Love In “Midnight”

When it’s time for love, you just have to be ready, and US-based Singer Truvi is more than ready. The upcoming Artist has a number of singles and collaborations out, and is making her way up to becoming a household name. She looks to find a hit for 2023 with the single, “Midnight“.

Produced by Soraya Dabdoub, Truvi shares her interest in a young man who she has been conversing with. They share some great conversations, but she wants a little more. Tired of the texting and calling, she wants him to give her his A-game when they get close physically. Listeners will relate to the lyrics, and Truvi gives off great energy, and her vocals compliment Dabdoub’s smooth production. Accompanying the single, is a Music Video directed by DJuvii that finds Truvi and her love interest connecting at a House Party. If love is in your plans this Summer, make it a great time, and add Truvi’s new single to the soundtrack.

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.@BugleAn9ted & @GiHRL_Reign Fight For Love On “Us”

They say love wins, but sometimes it takes some extra effort to keep the love going. Many people around the world have embraced love, while others have given up. For Recording Artist Bugle, he believes the love should never die, and hope comes in the form of the new single, “Us“.

Bugle recruits Recording Artist GiHRL on “Us”, and together they sing about that love that’s worth fighting for. While many couples have let conflict keep them separate, the Artists believe in seeing the bigger picture, and they sing about making it work. “Us” was produced by 324 New Empire Records/An9ted Ent., while the music video that has accompanied the single was directed by Damaniac Visualz. Bugle has been busy promoting his “Toxicity (Deluxe)” album, along with a number of singles. GiHRL has been on the scene for a number of years, and has been impressing many with her live performances, and singles. Big up all the couples out there still making it work, even when some days aren’t the best.

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.@Mr_2Kay Returns With JayWillz Featured, “Motion”!

It’s February, and that means love may be in the air for many. With that in mind, we’re here to give you something new from Nigerian Artist, Mr. 2Kay! Check out the new single, “Motion“.

Produced by Hermz and Chuckie, “Motion” features fellow Nigerian Artist JayWillz, and Mr. 2Kay dedicates this one to all ladies out there. It’s all about the love and affection given from both parties, and the vibes that takes over when you’re with that person. With Mr. 2Kay and JayWillz delivering a melodic number, expect this one to gain popularity with the lovers in time for Valentine’s Day. “Motion” is Mr. 2Kay’s first release since “Moving Mountains” in 2021, and will be featured on his upcoming W.I.N.A (Why I’m Never Afraid)EP. In the meantime, call up that special someone, and play this.

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Sizzla Brings His Melodies Out On “All This Time”!

Jamaican Music Icon Sizzla Kalonji has been having a year filled with many positive moments. Recently however, his name has been thrown in some controversy with International DJ/Producer DJ Khaled. No matter what though, Sizzla always manages to churn out great music. He takes things to a different level on the single, “All This Time“.

Produced in collaboration with Space Age Rasta of Lead Out Productions and Kalonji Music Productions, Sizzla gets into some Reggae/R&B vibes here. With his signature melodies handy, he belts out nothing but lyrics of love for his Queen on “All This Time”. The new single comes in time for the holidays, and this one is recommended for all the couples at this time. Sizzla has been busy taking the stage these past few days, and fans can look forward to him singing and deejaying the hits in a town near you in the coming days! Dedicate “All This Time” to your person today!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Beres Hammond – No Disturb Sign (1994)

It’s February 13, do you know where your Valentine is? Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, and we know it’ll be filled with couples wearing matching clothes, social media posts about dates, gifts, and love, and there will be those who will try to put a damper on the day. We’re here to bring some last minute vibes before the big day on Oldies Sunday! We go back in time to give you a classic, Beres Hammond’sNo Disturb Sign“.

Beres Hammond handles production on this “No Disturb Sign”, and it was released through Elektra Records in 1994. The track finds Beres connecting in the best way possible with his lover, going as far as calling in sick from work to make all the time in the world for his lady. When it’s time for love, no disturbance please, just two lovers in their bubble. “No Disturb Sign” is one of Beres’ most popular singles. With his signature vocals, this is guaranteed to bring out the lover in you any time it’s played. “No Disturb Sign” was featured on the 1994 album, “In Control“. With decades of hits, you can count on “No Disturb Sign” to be played on Valentine’s Day. Make sure you lock the doors, turn the phones off, and just let magic happen. Happy Valentine’s Day when it comes.

Thank You Beres Hammond For This Classic!


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Third World "Always Around" on #Jamaica #ThirdWorldBand #BunnyRugs #Reggae #Caribbean

OLDIES SUNDAY: @ThirdWorldBand – Always Around (1979)

It’s February, and it’s a month where some of us celebrate love. February 6 is a day that celebrates a Music Icon that’s named Marley, the late Bunny Rugs. Bunny Rugs was the Lead Vocalist of the legendary Third World Band. Today, we recognize him with an Oldies Sunday selection. We go back in time to check out, “Always Around“.

Written by the late Irvin “Carrot” Jarrett, “Always Around” was released through Island Records in 1979. The song featured mostly Bunny Rugs vocals throughout as the song spoke of having that special love around, and every good thing can come from that. The song features smooth production that was handled by the Band, and was one of the songs that was a part of the Band’s transition from Roots Reggae, to more Pop-oriented singles. “Always Around” was featured on Third World’s “The Story’s Been Told” album from 1979. The song never charted, but has been considered one of Third World’s best songs.

Happy Birthday to the LEGENDARY Bunny Rugs!

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