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.@FullyBadMusic Gets Conscious For New Single, “Give On Thanks”!

Dancehall Artist Fully Bad is ready to make more of an impact in 2022 with his music. In late 2021 he announced his sophomore album, “Gad A Earth”, and released the first single, “Composure. While Fully Bad is known for his aggressive gangster music, he seeks to show more versatility with the new project. An example of this is the album’s 2nd single, “Give On Thanks”.

Produced by Motion Vybz Sound, Fully Bad shows us his more spiritual side on “Give On Thanks”. With lyrics about showing gratitude, asking for protection from negativity and evildoers, and making Jah a governing presence on every part of his life, Fully Bad looks to provide motivation, and encourage more people to tap into their spiritual side on “Give On Thanks”. Fully Bad believes fans will gravitate towards this single, and he looks forward to their support in every possible way. The track comes from the upcoming “Gad A Earth” album, and is a followup to Fully Bad’s debut, “Born Fi Dweet”. While Fully Bad is starting the rollout for his upcoming album, he has been keeping his name hot on various platforms. Recently, he was featured on Audiomack’s “On Da Radar”, and he urges fans to be on the lookout for more developments and announcements.

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.@FullyBadMusic Announces “Gad A Earth” Album, Drops “Composure” Visual.

Dancehall Artist Fully Bad has brought his career to a level where he doesn’t see competition, and is making the necessary moves to further grow his fanbase. After receiving praise for his debut album, “Born Fi Dweet“, he looks to elevate even more with the release of his sophomore album, “Gad A Earth“.

Armed with 20 tracks, Fully Bad looks to further display his versatility as he is known for gangster music, adding party music and songs for the ladies to the tracklist. Producers featured on the album include Prince Villa Records, Moshouse Records, Tru Productions, BritishLinkz, Motion Vybz Sound, and Sartout Records. “Gad A Earth” may sound blasphemous to some, but the Cassava Piece resident sees it as a title earned through respect from the people, and giving back to his community. The “Gad A Earth” album will be released in 2022, and to kick things off, the first single “Composure” debuts today.

“Composure” was produced by the duo of Dane and Darren Sortie a.k.a. Sartout Records (R.I.P. Dane), and finds Fully Bad stepping out in a big way as he lets you know why he is the way he is. The single is accompanied by a music video that was directed by YD Studioz, and shot in Westmoreland. The music video can be seen below. It’s Fully Bad’s time to rule.

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Deeclef Spreads Love To All The Women Through His “Agape” EP

Mandeville born/US based Recording Artist Deeclef is seeing his brand rise in a drastic way in recent months. Having gained a following thanks to singles like, “Bull Inna Pen”, “Constancy”, “Guide My Path”, and “Go Hard”, he aims to cover all bases, deliver more quality music, and become one of the top Dancehall/Reggae Artists of the new decade. While his music connects with people from all walks of life, he has the ladies on his radar for his debut EP, “Agape”.

Inspired by the Greek origin of “Agape” that means the undiluted love of God, Deeclef sought to add a sensual element to the word, but focuses on offering his love, time, talents, and energy to all women on the project. In a time where the headlines speak on women going through abusive and violent situations, Deeclef’s “Agape EP” brings forth positive music that uplifts, entertains, and reassures women that they are loved, they deserve every good thing, and they should be treated with nothing but love and respect. The “Agape EP” consists of 7 tracks, and features production from Sartout Records, Shyheim Entertainment, Collaboration Recordz, SC-21 Productions, and Halcyon Music who all helped to provide a great ambiance. Dancehall Artist Fully Bad is the sole featured act on the “Agape EP” on a track called, “Dutty Love”. In support of the EP, Deeclef released the single and video for the track, “Sexy Physique” in early 2021, and has plans to release more music videos, and specialized Social Media content in the following weeks after the EP’s release.

They say that Chivalry is dead, and I wanted to step forward and debunk that statement” shared Deeclef on the making of the “Agape EP”. “I still believe that good gestures are performed for women, and there are some out there who have yet to experience good love. With my project, I wanted to bring forward that unconditional love that women deserve, and enforce that they are protected from all manner of evil some have been facing through abuse, and domestic violence. Me and my team carefully put this project together through brainstorming sessions as we wanted to provide an air of love, let the listener feel the sensual moods throughout the EP, and have them see the pictures that we’ve painted for each track. We believe that the ‘Agape EP’ will be warmly embraced by everyone when it’s released, and will be a contender for one of the best projects of 2021”.

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