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OLDIES SUNDAY: Peter Metro – Police In A Jamaica (1985)

If it’s one thing that Jamaican Artists will speak out against in their music apart from the Government, is the Police force. In 2021, it’s still a popular subject as there are many members of the force who overstep their boundaries, and are at times a part of the corruption. Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from Peter Metro with his single, “Police In A Jamaica“.

Produced by Hyman Wright and Percy Chin for the Jah Life Time Label on the “Answer Riddim” in 1985, Peter Metro recalls an encounter with the Police on an outing with fellow Deejay Nicodemus. Their adventure begins when the Artists were traveling from Old Harbour in a rental while Nicodemus was smoking Marijuana. The interactions that followed are similar to what many face to this day. While the Jamaica Constabulary Force may show off feel good videos on Social Media today, it doesn’t put a wool over the eyes of those who experience daily harassment and injustice from members of the force. “Police In A Jamaica” was a hit for Peter Metro, and it birthed a follow up titled “Police In England” in 1986. Be careful out there.

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We Take A “Quick Throwback” Look Into @TheRoyalBlu’s “Legal Badman”!

Before Royal Blu, before “sinG with God“, before “El Fuego“, there was Sean-Michael Francis a.k.a. “Blu Kid“! In today’s episode of our “Quick Throwback” series, we go back to the year 2011 to hear BluKid’sLegal Badman“! Produced by Di Prodigyy, Blu sheds light on corruption in Jamaica’s Law Enforcement system where Police Officers abuse their powers and oppress many. Donning the role of a “Legal Badman“, they do whatever a Criminal would do, but shouldn’t face any repercussions because they wear the badge and the uniform.

Since the release of “Legal Badman”, BluKid went on to make some noise with the “Lethal Audio” Band, changed his name to “Royal Blu“, and released enough songs to make him one of the emerging young acts on the radars of many in Jamaica and overseas. Stay tuned for another quick throwback!

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#JaBlogDay Music: I-Noble – Mama Cry (Babylon Brutality)


In recognition of Jamaica Blog Day I present a post on the subject of Police brutality and abuse in Jamaica. In the Reggae/Dancehall culture the Law Enforcement has been an enemy to many and while their job is to “Protect and Serve“, many members of the Police force go against the creed and abuse their authority and make enemies out of the people who depend on them to bring order and justice in their communities. Many unlawful murders and imprisonments are the result and the tension between residents and Police increases at a rapid rate. The Police and their abuse has been a subject in many songs over the years but today I share a song by someone who experienced it including losing a family member. “Mama Cry” is a song done by singer I-Noble who resides in Trench town, one of the places where Police brutality has occurred over the years. In his song he speaks about the occurrences between residents and Police in inner-city communities on a regular basis, the effects of people that go through the situations, and how many corrupt Policemen collect accolades for their wrongdoings. Produced by Lanz and Christina Grand of Reggae Embassy, check out the song below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Chezidek - Leave The Trees 4/20 Marijuana Ganja Music Blog 13thstreetpromotions 13thstreetpromo Reggae 2006

OLDIES SUNDAY: @PuppaChezidek – Leave The Trees (2006)

In recognition of yesterday’s “420” celebrations, today I feature a song from Reggae artist Chezidek. Titled “Leave The Trees” and produced by Hugh “Bunny Dan” Miller for Our Promotions in 2006, Chezidek warns us about the effects of drugs and alcohol while proclaiming that Marijuana is beneficial to the people and should not be discarded by the law enforcement as burning it harms the environment. He also sings about the positive effects of Marijuana where it is medicine and can be made into clothing and proceeds from selling it could support families.

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Random: The Bus Ride And The Belt Salesman

Not the actual salesman…

Hey BlogWorld! Got a story to tell, i’ll do my best here…

 So this afternoon (Friday Oct. 26, 2012), I travelled on a bus from Mandeville to Christiana as a part of running a few errands. While the bus driver did his best to drive all over Mandeville in effort to elude a Police Officer on a bike who wanted to give him a ticket, I was greeted by a rather peculiar character who took passage on the bus. His first statement was to the tune of, “Come inside, let’s all take a bus ride” (I forgot what he actually said..), the other was, “Unno pack tight like Sausage, nuh block up the passage…” He went on further to make up many rhymes during our bus ride which lasted around 20 minutes. Every conversation he kept with us passengers turned into a witty rhyme, even when we were eluding the Police Officer he taunted him with a clever rhyme much to our entertainment.

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