@BuzzFeed’s “27 Essential Jamaican Recipes” Reactions


Jamaican Twitter was in an uproar today as BuzzFeed posted an article titled “27 Essential Jamaican Recipes You Need In Your Life“. The article was made to show the fascinating food that Jamaicans made that were either new to readers, or a favourite for others. Things went left as many were vocal about poor recipes, and the writer’s lack of research. Below are some of the reactions.


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NEW MUSIC: @RealFantanMojah – Stop Watch Mi Pants


If you’ve been active on Twitter and followed up on the “Jamaican” side recently, you may have seen some photos of Reggae artist Fantan Mojah in some clothing that was not deemed appropriate and became fuel for the “Trolls“. Today he blasts at them with “Stop Watch Mi Pants“. Produced by Ghetto Lynxx RecordsΒ and Wasp Records on the “Ugly Riddim“, he gets at those who watch what other men are wearing, not being a part of the other team, and his refusal to do immoral things for monetary gain. While Fantan goes hard on the record, I believe the song’s arrival came too late but nonetheless it shows Fantan still being an active artist. What do you think? Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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