NEW VIDEO: @TwinOfTwinsTV x @JamaicaGleaner – On The Record

TTBringing their views to the Jamaica Gleaner youtube series are Patrick and Paul Gaynor otherwise known as Twin of Twins. Here they speak on the recent Anti-Gang laws that were proposed and how society and Dancehall music differ when it comes to political divide, crime and violence. The “Blame Game” has been played many times and the twins urge that should be anymore pointing of fingers, making Dancehall music the scapegoat and more unity and betterment of music and society. They also speak on how Dancehall practices the “Supply and Demand” rule when it comes to making music and also the “Jamaica has no gun factory” argument. A good watch here as these deejays display how intelligent they are and are more than just hitmakers. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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