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.@ChrisMalachi Shows Another Side Of Paradise On “Everything Cool”

Remember seeing those travel commercials inviting you to come to the Caribbean? How about those about coming to Jamaica? Yes the Island is a home away from home, and is indeed a paradise, but have you ever taken a look into how the residents are living outside the Hotels and Resorts that you’re used to? Well, Recording Artist Chris Malachi wants to give you a first hand look into life inside  “Paradise” on “Everything Cool“!

Produced by Koastal Kings, Chris Malachi’s “Everything Cool” is far from all that “Tropical” vibes foreigners speak of. You are in for a surprise if you thought this was a party song. While Tourists can get fat and lazy on the white sand beaches with a few Red Stripes in the cooler, Chris sheds a light on what Jamaicans are going through daily. Chris’ delivery is great as always on “Everything Cool”, and this is an important song that puts the island and the leaders under a microscope. From rising crime, to classism, to the Government failing the people, to a bad economy, the single and video will wake up many, and a change needs to happen.

Accompanying the single is a music video directed by Chris and Maya Wilkinson that was so beautifully presented, that even the Jamaica Tourist Board would blush. The video isn’t without a great cast which include Shernette Higgins, Koastal KingsBernard Hasenbichler, O’Neil Dacres, and the legendary Owen “Blakka” EllisChris Malachi cleverly promoted the single through a series of Tourism related content that was reminiscent of the “Kool Runnings” and “Come Back To Jamaica” eras, and he has a lot more in store in the coming days. Who is gonna fight for us?

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Actor Johnoy Williams Signs To Ellis International!

Jamaican Actor Johnoy Williams is reaping the rewards for his hard work andĀ dedication. The young Actor is pleased to announce that he has been officially signed to EllisĀ International, spearheaded by Owen ā€œBlakkaā€ Ellis.Ā Williams has been working under the tutelage of comedian duo Ity and Fancy Cat for someĀ time now and is ecstatic that he has sealed the deal toĀ officially become a member ofĀ this elite group.

ā€œWords can barely express my contentment at this moment! Trust me, Iā€™ve have beenĀ working at my career for years as an actor and for now to be represented by EllisĀ International, is a dream come true.ā€ Said a very excited Johnoy.Ā The 25 year old knows that even though this is a big deal andĀ has come aĀ longĀ way, he still has a lot more things to accomplish.Ā ā€œI know I have come a very long way from my Get Tested Commercial to, being in NickĀ Cannonā€™s ā€œKing of the Dancehall movie but I still have a long road ahead of me.ā€Ā With that said, the Actor looks forward to a few upcoming works both on the localĀ scene and on the International scene.

The Actor also wants to encourage everyone out there with a dream to be in film toĀ never give up their dreams.Ā ā€œEven though there is room for growth in our Jamaican film industry, I believe that we canĀ make this industry strive to its maximum potential. We have so many talented individualsĀ out there; Actors, Writers, Filmmakers, just donā€™t give up on the dream.

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